Welcome to Corrective and Preventive Actions, a website is dedicated to making code to enhance gaming experience! We feature detailed guides on how to enhance your game by using ArtMoney with optional need for a spreadsheet program. In addition to guides, I will also give short review and a simple technical information to my knowledge on the game's mechanism. Enjoy your stay and enjoy the fun!

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Phantasy Star Online 2: Etoile Guide
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Phantasy Star Online 2: Units
Summoner Etoile Units Gathering PuSo Ni Comi This is a laid-back guide to support my other Class Guides...
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About Author

Perseonn Balthasaar is interested (at times, obsessed) in game's data structure. If he finds the game giving him an unfair disadvantage (well, according to him. At times said "unfairness" can be very petty), he will fight the game back using his knowledge in code design, which can range from creating codes to exploiting the AI. Although this means he cheats a lot, he does not cheat on online aspects of the games, nor even care about trophies. He thinks that games should be enjoyable, and if it does not, he makes it so.

His favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy Tactics. His favorite franchise is Shin Megami Tensei. Among this franchise, and the spin-offs, he likes Shin Megami Tensei III the most, followed by Persona 2 Duology. He does not quite like the development of newer Megami Ibunroku (Persona) series much.

His favorite animals are dragons, whales, elephants, and hippopotamuses (with a serious case of "dat face").