A few people might have seen the image version of the Su Guide I have made before. This guide is intended to be the comprehensive HTML version of it. This guide was made by Perseonn BalthasaarPerseonn Balthasaar.

Part 1: Summoner Basics

A summoner is a class that utilizes pet to inflict damage at enemies. The pets are basically the summoner’s weapon, with their own stats and Photon Arts (PA). Pets are most damaging when using Summoner main as the class have a couple of ways to raise the pet damage. Being a Summoner is more expensive compared to other classes: instead of eating up your assets, it will directly eat your meseta.

Early Levels

So you picked Summonner and stared with a Wanda (ワンダ) (do check that little Wanda). What goes from here?

Lets check a few things:

  • Find the [Pet] menu and check your Wind-attribute Wanda with Enjoys Sun personality. It should have a few PA available, one of which is Wanda Slicer.
  • Take a look at your Takt. It will be your best friend for a long while till you can get a Rose Skewer.
  • You have this something called ARKS Road to follow.

To ease yourself, follow the ARKS Road closely. It will teach you the basic of the gameplay, especially how to care for your pets.

While doing that, your Wanda, while perfectly serviceable, will not do good on longer term due to its Wind-attribute. While your Wanda is still low-leveled, we can replace him without any repercussions.

First, find a Visiphone.

A terminal with purple thing on top of it.
A terminal with purple thing on top of it.

Second, Select [Player Shop], finish the password registration and such. Do not worry, it is not complicated. Remember to save your password somewhere in case you forget it.

First option, conviniently.
First option, conviniently.

Now you can browse the Player Shop, look for a Light-attribute Wanda Egg with Enjoys Sun Personality.

Be smart and use filter!
Be smart and use filter!
The Egg looks like this.
The Egg looks like this.

If you cannot afford it now, follow the ARKS Road to obtain some Meseta (be careful during the Mag lessons! Do not level up your mag yet!). ARKS Road would also teach you how to hatch your egg (Use said egg from [Item] menu) and feed an EXP egg to your Pet via Egg Synthesis.

Pietro will teach the bulk of it.
Pietro will teach the bulk of it.

As you are going for some quests like poking poor Naberius monkeys, you will notice that you get some EXP Egg 6★. You will always obtain this as long as your main class is Summoner, so you have no worry about pet leveling. Also visit the Pet Labs in the Shop Area.

Ariel will be your best friend!.
Ariel will be your best friend!.

So to recap, if you follow ARKS Road, you should be able to do these:

  • Hatch Pet Eggs from inventory
  • Feed Pet with Eggs that raises their level via [Egg Synthesis] from [Pet] menu
  • Set a Takt and Pet and Pet PA on [Weapon] menu
  • Equip units
  • Buy items from Player Shop.
    • Oh, did you get that Light-attribute Enjoys Sun Wanda Egg? Remember to hatch it and equip it on [Weapon] menu!

Now you have the Light attribute Wanda with Enjoys Sun personality, you are pretty much set. Feed it with all the eggs you have!


At a certain point early in the game, you will get a Mag. If you are to use Summoner as-is. You will want a T-ATK Mag (unless you plan to sub Bouncer, see below). Only increase the T-ATK on your mag, and nothing else. Messing up your Mag's stat is costly: 50 Excubes per 1 level, roughly 600K Meseta. Per level.

Although Summoner can use S-ATK or R-ATK for pets, focusing on T-ATK is easier for the endgame:

  • T-ATK affixes are cheaper than R-ATK or S-ATK.
  • Resta, or healing depends on T-ATK only.
  • Rappy Melody's heals depends on their and character's T-ATK
  • Rycross Staff's Potential.pngGlance of Darkness depends on character's T-ATK.

  When in doubt, fill you Mag with T-ATK using tech weapon like Staff, Wand, Talis or Jet Boots. Reduce its Dex by feeding it with Trimate or 6★ Room Goods. Never let any other stat gains a single level!

The Second Pet

At this point, you might notice that a pet cannot fully die, they will just be stunned when their HP reaches 0. Stunned pet are unusable for a period of time, notably Wanda is 30 seconds, thus do consider a secondary pet. Take note, only use Light attribute pets (more on this later).

Torim (トリム) or Cery (サリィ) would be a good choice since they are easy to use. Torim has powerful single strike attack, while Cery is a long-lange support pet. If you are limited on resource though, stick to that Wanda.

  When in doubt, always use Wanda/Jinga first as they are the safest pet to use.

Notable NPCs

Ariel the Pet Lab Attendant

Ariel is in the Shop Area, next to Monica / Dudu; she facilitates various pet enhancement activities. Activities that you can do with Ariel includes:

  • Candy Compression, reduces the size of candies
    • Requires Grinders for 12★ or less candies, requires Lambda Grinders for 13★ candies
  • Pet Goods Shop, exchange various items to obtain candies and tools
    • You can exchange for Grinders for Candy Eraser and Excubes for Caramel Crusher
    • You can also exchange 8 AC items for Candy Remover, but that is expensive. Only do this to salvage rare Parfaits.
  • Evolve Pet Rarity, more info on pet's rarity below.
  • Return Pet to egg, this will destroy their entire candy box. Returned pet egg is untradable.

Pietro the Summoner

Pietro is on the Gate Area, next to Echo, near Class Counter; he is mentor for Summoner Class. Activities you can do with Pietro includes:

  • Request Limit Break, for 12★ and 13★ pets
    • Pet needs to be L100 to utilize Limit Break
    • Allows 12★ pet to attain Lv 110 and 13 ★ to Lv 120
    • Pet will grow depressingly slow above Lv 100
  • Client Orders
    • They Grow Up So Fast! (Partner Card)
    • Become a Top-Notch Summoner (5 SP)
    • Let's Master the Summoner! (5 SP)
    • Summoner Supremacy I, II, III, and IV (1 SP each, requires a total of 10 Su Excubes)
    • My Gallant Wanda! (Two Layer Pancake)
    • This maybe the only reason to keep a Wanda
    • My Gallant Jinga! (Vin-Spi Candy Stick)
    • My Gallant Popple! (Critical Candy Stick)

Part 2: Pet Raising

Your pet has a different mechanics that that of a normal weaponry. Here, pet raising will be discussed from the basic topics like its parameters, to the more advanced topics, like its candy box.

Pet's Properties

Pet has several important properties, from Rarity, Personality, Elemental Attribute, and Pet Plus.

A window displaying egg information.
A window displaying egg information.


A pet has a rarity that determines their highest level. Rarity can be upgraded at the Pet Lab if you have a higher rarity egg of the same species (i.e. You can only increase rarity of a 7★ Viola with a 8★ Viola).

  • 6★ = Lv. 60
  • 7★ = Lv. 65
  • 8★ = Lv. 70
  • 9★ = Lv. 75
  • 10★ = Lv. 85
  • 11★ = Lv. 90
  • 12★ = Lv. 100 (Limit Break to 110, ask Pietro)
  • 13★ = Lv. 100 (Limit Break to 120, ask Pietro)

Rarity upgrade also allows you to change pet's personality, provided the fodder egg has different personality and at least of the same rarity.

Wanda, Torim, and Cery can be rarity upgraded to Jinga, Aero, and Popple, respectively. Be warned that if you say, evolve Wanda to Jinga, you need another Jinga Egg to rarity upgrade it. That being said, there are no reason to pick Wanda over Jinga, Torim over Aero, or Cery over Popple. Jinga, Aero, and Popple are superior in every aspects.


Personality is similar to weapon potential. They have varied effect, but most prominent is increasing damage. Personality has 5 levels and is automatically raised as pet levels up (Pet L100 is where you can attain L5 Personality). Changing personality can be hard or impossible as it requires egg of at least the same rarity.

"Super" personality (e.g. Super Fervent, Super Dilligent) will have an additional effect of raising Rare Drop Rate by 5%.

  Warning! I cannot stress this enough, but changing personality is close to impossible for high rarity pet. If you have a 13★ pet whose personality you want to change, you need another 13★ pet with different personality.

Elemental Attribute

Pets starts with a 10 attribute value that is visible upon viewing the egg. Ideally, you will want the default attribute to be Light. You can change attribute by putting Lemonade in the Candy Box, but changing to Light Attribute is very costly. Attribute can be raised by putting pancakes. Pets with 12★ rarity or below will have a maximum of 50 attribute, while a 13★ or above will have 60 attribute.

Attribute directly affects pet damage. Let's say you have a pet with 1000 ATK (any attack) with 50 Light attribute. While in the information screen the pet has 1000 ATK, it effectively has:

\begin{equation} 1000 ATK + 50/100 * 1000 ATK = 1500 ATK \end{equation}

If the pet attacks a target which is weak to Light element, its effective attack will be:

\begin{equation} 1000 ATK + 50/100 * 1.2 * 1000 ATK = 1600 ATK \end{equation}

And thus, raising element is the best way to increase overall pet's damage.

  Warning! Always appraise Egg to Light-attribute and always hatch Light-attribute pets if you want to raise them properly.

Pet Plus

A pet has extra HP, S-ATK, R-ATK, T-ATK, and DEX to be raised. This is called Pet Plus, as seen on the figure below.

A Pet Plus of a Rappy, not yet maximized.
A Pet Plus of a Rappy, not yet maximized.

Each pet type has a different plus value cap; any Wanda will have same the same cap, but a Jinga will have different cap than Wanda. Pet Plus can make or break pet: Rappy is quite weak without its all stat +250 Pet Plus cap. However, pet's Plus value will be close-to-maxed, if not maxed, once they reach L120 by feeding random Pet eggs.

Feeding another pet egg to increase the Pet Plus.
Feeding another pet egg to increase the Pet Plus.

  Remember! Pet Plus will usually be maxed, if not near-maxed, it you continue to feed other pet eggs to your pet! You might be maxing them without even realizing!

Egg Synthesis / Pet Level Up

Level up pet by using [Egg Synthesis] on Pet menu. Unleveled pet is only as frightening as a Rappy Doll room item. A pet can be feed (synthesized) with an EXP Egg or another pet egg. If you are a Summoner main, you will have a steady drop of EXP Eggs. The Pet Lab can exchange grinders for 6★ EXP egg or Photon Sphere for 12★ EXP Egg.

  Warning! A Level 1 Pet is as intimidating as a L1 Rappy. Level your pet properly!

Candy Box

This is the last aspect of pet raising. Candy Box is akin to putting affix to regular weapons or units. A pet always starts with a 8x8 candy box that is filled with Gelatin Cube (Blue), Caramel Cube (Orange), and Paper Cube (Gray). Each pet type has a different box layout, for the exception of Wanda/Jinga, Torim/Aero, and Cery/Popple.

Candy Box Basics

Below is an example of a fresh Wanda/Jinga box:

Freshly hatched Wanda's Candy Box
Freshly hatched Wanda's Candy Box

Blue Gelatin Cubes will be removed automatically once a pet reaches level 50 (or so).

Brown Caramel Cubes, require Caramel Crusher (8 Excubes) to remove. A pet will always start with 8 Caramel Cubes, requiring you to spend 64 Excubes per pet.

Gray Paper Cube cannot be removed. Makes you wonder why since they are supposed to be paper.

Candy Box Content

A CandyBox can hold so much candies, and they have limited amount. It is a good idea to compress candies first before putting it to candy box. Compressing candies require Meseta and Grinders. Parfaits will require Lambda Grinders.
From the most important candies:

Icon Candy Type Description
Pancake.png Pancakes Pancakes are the second most important candy, an they increase the elemental value. You can only put 2 of them, requiring you to have 3-Layers and 2-Layer pancakes to maximize a 13★ pet's element. You need 160 Synthesizers to create a 2-Layer Pancake (8 Excubes) and 1050 Synthesizer to create a 3-Layer Pancake (53 Excubes). For newbies, start with 2 2-Layer Pancakes and destroy one of them when you have the resource to create the 3-Layer Pancake. They can be compressed 3 times to a 2x2 size. All pancakes require 6 Grinders and either 9869 Meseta (1-Layer), 25194 Meseta (2-Layer), and 42214 Meseta (3-Layer).
Parfaits.png Parfaits Parfait is the most important candy on the box, and they usually boosts damage. You can only put 2 and as a special rule just for them, they have to be different kind of parfait. A parfait can be compressed 4 times to a 2x2 size, costing a total of 12 Lambda Grinders and 636300 Meseta.
Rolls.png Rolls Rolls are the third most important candy, and they have a varied uses. You can put 2 rolls and they can be compressed twice. Depending on the roll's rarity, it will cost 6 Grinders and 28459 Meseta for a 10★, 8 Grinders and 59347 Meseta for an 11★, and finally 10 Grinders and 82625 Meseta for a 12★.
Cookie.png Cookies Cookies adds stat, and they are akin to affixes, meaning that their stat increase will not contribute to elemental multiplier. You can put 3 cookies in a candy box. For basic users, put the same cookie as your character's best attack stat. By default, this is your T-ATK, so stock Technic Cookies. For advanced users, stock Spirita Cookies for later as they will come in handy with 14★ Pets. Cookies can be compressed 3 times, costing a total of 6 Grinders and 25205 Meseta.
Stick_Candy.png Candy Sticks Candy sticks have varying properties, but they usually increase stats without needing to be compressed. You put 4 candy sticks in a candy box.
Sandwich.png Sandwiches Sandwiches raises one type of defense by 100, depending their name. They don't require compression either. You can put 5 sandwiches in a candy box, but most often you will only need 1 to 3.
Soda.png Lemonades / Sodas / Ramunes The Lemonade changes the element of the pet. This requires 1 Attribute Changer and 100 Synthesizer. They can be compressed twice to a 1x1 size. While their compression price is negligible, the Attribute Changer is an entirely different thing. Non-light attribute can be anywhere from 100K-500K Meseta on the Player Shop, while the Light Attribute Changer can go to 2M-5M+.
PetGummy.png Gummies Gummies adds 10 HP and they are 1x1 each. Use them to fill the gap caused by other candies.
Crepe.png Crepes Crepes adds things like EXP gain rate, rare drop rate, and Meseta gain rate. However, at maximum compression, they are still a 2x2 candy and their minuscule boosts is not worth sacrificing that kind of space.

Candy Box Tools

As you fill your Candy Box, you might notice that you can remove a few candies to add more useful candies. This is where these tools come in handy. Almost all of them are available on Ariel's Pet Goods Shop.

Icon Tool Description
CaramelCrusher.png Caramel Crusher Deletes a caramel cube. Costs 8 Excubes.
CandyEraser.png Candy Eraser Deletes a candy. Costs 10 Grinders.
CandyRemover.png Candy Remover Contrary to its name, this returns a candy to your inventory. Costs 8 AC Scratch Items.
CandyRemover.png All Candy Remover Returns an entire candy box to your inventory. Rarely appears on Shirona's Treasure Shop for 300 SG.

Part 3: Pets

There are a number of pets for a Summoner, each with their own specific purpose. The table below is a quick reference for pet's use, strength, and weakness.

Icon Pet Utility Strength Weakness
PetWandaIcon.pngPetJingaIcon.png Wanda / Jinga For all player skills. All-purpose pet High durability, high attack, area attack includes stun, efficient PP usage, normal attack has a big hitbox None
PetTorimIcon.pngPetAeroIcon.png Torim / Aero For all player skills. Boss killer Low-risk-high-damage PAs Weakest normal attack of all pets, Third lowest defense, require constant use of Shout
PetCeryIcon.pngPetPoppleIcon.png Cery / Popple For all player skills. Long-range support Its most powerful PA includes Jellen (lowers ATK by 15%), most powerful area attack among all pets, homing attack, pulling attack Inputting command too fast will cause them to skip using PA, while still costing PP.
PetMaronIcon.png Maron For experienced player. Defensive Shield character from damage, high powered DoT, homing attack, very powerful suicide attack Not much use outside Boss EQ.
PetMelonIcon.png Melon For experienced player. Defensive Similar to Maron, highest defense of all pet, quick to recover from stunned state Lowest HP of all pets
PetRappyIcon.png Rappy For all player skills. All-purpose pet Healing capability, most powerful normal attacks of all pets, quick to recover from stunned state Normal attack has a small hitbox, recall attack is the longest of all pets.
PetViolaIcon.png Viola For experienced player. Aggro management Attracts enemies, high HP, high powered PA, highest DoT damage among all pets, very powerful on slow targets, normal attack has a big hitbox Requires use of Change to properly regain PP, weak if not in Change state, hard to fight against fast-moving enemies.
PetSynchroIcon.png Synchro For really experienced player. Premier boss killer. Most powerful DPS among all pets, quickest recall Dying is trivial, almost no S-DEF, hard to use due to the need of chaining different PAs
PetRedranIcon.png Redran For really experienced player. Multi-target boss killer. Highest possible damage multiplier (150%) from personality, very powerful against enemy with multiple parts Not much use against tough mobs that don't have multiple parts, little use during raid bosses, dies quick.
The following is a description of each pets. Please note the following glossary:
Terms Description
DPS Damage per second, a rough calculation based on pet's average ATK (Pet Plus included) at L120. Character's own ATKs and Candy Box ATK boosts are ignored. This is solely used to determine which pet attack is more powerful.
Recall PA A Photon Arts (PA) that returns pet to your side and stops it from using further attack. This will pause the effect of Near Auto Target ring.
DoT Damage-over-time, inflicts small damage over a set amount of time. It is similar to Poison, but is not counted as a status effect, hence do not activate Chase Advance Plus. A DoT skill will sucessfully deliver damage if the first hit lands, even if the part is hidden or the pet got stunned. However, it will cancel if the affected part is destroyed, or pet is unsummoned.
Frame The amount of frame required to finish the attack 1 second (1s) consists of 60 frames (60f). The smaller the frame for PA, the better the utilization for Rykros Staff's Glance of Darkness.
Normal Attack 1 The attack you get if you hold attack button, a.k.a. Normal Attack spam.
Normal Attack 1-2-3 The attack you get if you let pet attack automatically. Melee pets usually have an attack string that is more powerful DPS-wise if you (can) let them finish. Each attack is calculated against enemy defense.

  Warning! DPS does not reflect your actual DPS damage. In this guide, it is used as a relative value to compare one pet to another!

  Example 1: Despite Aero having higher average ATK, Viola's normal attacks (1281 ATK, 13263 DPS) are way stronger (1.49 times!) than Aero's (1463 ATK, 8899 DPS).

  Example 2: In-game Jinga Slicer has 2325 Power, while Aero stab has 1410 Power. Below you will find the DPS of Slicer is 28042, while Stab is 28129, thus using Stab and Slicer have nearly the same DPS.

Wanda / Jinga (ワンダ/ジンガ)

A pet without real weakness, dubbed "Almighty Pet" in Japan. While Wanda lacks ATK, evolution to Jinga will remedy it, along with increased HP. When in doubt of what pet to use, Jinga is never a wrong choice. As a reminder, there's no reason not to evolve to Jinga, unless you want a weekly 2-Layer Pancakes from Pietro.

Stunned Wanda/Jinga takes 30s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngEnjoys Sun (晴れ好き) 112% damage during clear weather, does not work on EQs. Preferable if you use Jinga on regular quests.
Personality.pngFervent (こんじょう) Small chance to endure damage that would otherwise killed it. Gains invulnerability when activated. Preferable on EQs, although Jinga itself is not easy to KO.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
Wanda1.png Jinga Slicer 31782 28042 15 68 Primary DPS attack. A two-hit attack with a stronger second hit. Mind your timing when using this skill.
If you jump immediately after using the skill, you can cut the PP usage thanks to PP regen, making this skill costs roughly 9 PP per use.
Wanda2.png Jinga Break 21448 28597 25 45 Area attack. Knocks down enemies. While this has bigger DPS than Slicer, its PP usage hinders it. Using this over-and-over will move Jinga forward, eventually missing its target.
Wanda3.png Jinga Assault 17907 23876 10 45 Recall PA. It has a linear area effect and rather wide. Useful to chase running enemies.
Wanda4.png Jinga Shock 16226 21634 25 45 Wide-ranged area attack. Causes Stun.
Wanda5.png Jinga Pulsar 67311 4605 30 44 DoT attack over 877f (14.6s). Always use a Pulsar before you start spamming other PAs, if you want to maximize Jinga's DPS.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1 8338 9620 -9 52 11674 damage, 13470 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
15760 damage, 18184 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 10.4 PP per second.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1-2-3 40873 15327 -41 160 57222 damage, 21458 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
77250 damage, 28968 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 15.4 PP per second.

Candy Box

Wanda and Jinga's Candy Box
Wanda and Jinga's Candy Box

Torim / Aero (トリム/アエロ)

A pet with high powered PA, focusing on quality over quantity. They are best suited to kill agile bosses and to deliver high powered damage during bosses' downtime. Their main weakness is their PP inefficiency, low defense, and weakest normal attacks (i.e. not worth for Spirited Parfait candidate). Aero is easier to use since its Spiral attack are easier to hit.

Stunned Torim/Aero takes 60s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngDilligent (がんばりや) 115% PA damage with 130% PP cost. Preferable for the big damage boost.
Personality.pngDocile (おりこうさん) 121% damage on enemies with a status effect. Since EQ bosses does not get status effect like normal enemies, the boost will be useless there.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
TorimSkill1.png Aero Stab 20628 28129 15 44 Dashing attack that is quick and powerful, while leans on the inefficient side.
TorimSkill2.png Aero Slash 43436 21188 25 123 52126 damage, 25427 DPS during Shout.
Secondary DPS attack and the second-most efficient PA. Its main appeal is its low risk, compared to Spiral.
TorimSkill3.png Aero Bullet 37891 3513 15 42 60641 damage, 5623 DPS during Shout.
Recall and DoT PA. Aero will perform the move for 42f (0.7s) then return to your side. DoT lasts for 647f (10.8s). Non-Shout and Shout DoT stacks, thus you can utilize a double DoT.
TorimSkill4.png Aero Shout 14278 19922 15 42 Small area attack. Grants a 20s buff to Aero that enhances the power of its Slash, Bullet, and Spiral. Unless the 20s is up or unsummoned, you cannot revert Aero to its non-Shout state.
TorimSkill5.png Aero Spiral 6789 6465 50 63 39076 damage, 14472 DPS on Charge 1.
111626 damage, 19135 DPS on Charge 2.
97640 damage, 36162 DPS on Charge 1 during Shout.
279067 damage, 47840 DPS on Charge 2 during Shout.
Primary DPS attack. While it has high PP cost (65 PP with Dilligent personality), at 47780 DPS, it is actually the most efficient PA. However, the 308f (5s) charging time for Charge 2 poses a risk of missing the attack entirely. The 120f (2s) Charge 1 is still more powerful than doing Stab or Slash, but has high PP cost if repeatedly used. Charged Spiral requires 42f to execute, instead of regular 63f.
Note that on a non-rematch EQs, Shouted Charge 2 can easily reaches the cap damage and should that occur, it would effectively have lower DPS.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1 4681 5401 -6 52 Gains 6.9 PP per second.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1-2-3 21506 8899 -27 145 Gains 11.2 PP per second

Candy Box

Torim and Aero's Candy Box
Torim and Aero's Candy Box

Cery / Popple (サリィ/ポップル)

A long-range support pet, best at taking down a large quantity of enemies. Popple are risky to use against bosses that moves too much because its main DPS attack tends to miss. Despite focusing more on utility than direct damage, Popple is easy to use and a worthy addition to your weapon palette.

Cery and Popple have a problem that inputting PA too fast (e.g. by tapping button repeatedly) will cause them to skip the said PA, but will still cost PP. Mind the timing between PAs.

Stunned Cery/Popple takes 60s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngAdept (てきぱき) 130% Normal attack PP regain. This is the preferable personality.
Personality.pngSerene (やさしい) Heals previously summoned pet HP by a certain amount after a certain time. I am uncertain for the purpose of this ability since unsummoned pet gains HP relatively quick. Does not affect stunned pets.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
CerySkill1.png Popple Plode 28882 27076 20 64 48133 damage, 25785 DPS when charged.
Plode requires 112f (1.9s) charging. Charged Plode has a massively wider area effect and higher damage, although relatively weaker DPS. The projectile speed is slow and fired in an arc. Best used against a cluster of enemies.
Note that while uncharged Plode has higher DPS, it is only 105% of full-charged Plode's DPS.
CerySkill2.png Popple Fall 16216 22112 15 44 Clusters enemy together. Area is rather short. You can use it to delay enemy movement before launching a charged Plode.
CerySkill3.png Popple Curse 20662 28175 15 44 Inflicts Jellen, which reduces target's attack by 15%; also serves as Popple's primary DPS attack. Its projectile, while homes-in, is slow and has limited lifespan. Best used if the enemy is not moving much, else you will need to get close to hit them.
CerySkill4.png Popple Chaser 9114 12428 15 44 Launches a quick homing arrow that can hit multiple enemies and knocks them down. Arrow might turn around and hit the same enemy twice. Combine using this with Zanverse and you can decimate the enemies in seasonal EQ with just 1 move.
CerySkill5.png Popple Teritory 21850 7406 15 42 Default damage and DPS are for 4-hits over 177f (3s)
65552 damage, 11846 DPS on 8 hits over 332f (5.5s).
192308 damage, 22536 DPS on 12 hits over 512f (8.5s).
279711 damage, 24252 DPS on 16 hits over 692f (11.5s).
367114 damage, 25260 DPS on 20 hits over 872f (14.5s).
Recall attack. Popple will return to your side before performing. Initial use costs 15 PP. Hold the PA button to continuously do damage, while draining PP slowly. An area attack that first 4 hits deal low damage, then grow stronger after. Since it starts weak and its range is less than Popple's maximum range, this skill has limited use. Use Plode if you want an area attack.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 9786 11291 -15 52 13700 damage, 15807 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
18495 damage, 21340 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 17.3 PP per second; 21.9 PP per second if Adept.

Candy Box

Cery and Popple's Candy Box
Cery and Popple's Candy Box

Maron (マロン)

A defensive pet with self-explosion ability. Maron is best used when your enemy are overly aggressive, like Dragon. Once was popular, however, since most EQ bosses have damage cap limited, Maron fell into disuse; with damage cap in place, Maron Strike's capped 1M damage does lower DPS that its required setup. Along with its counterpart, Melon, they see limited use outside fighting bosses.

Maron's size has 3 stages, which powers up their Strike. The 1st stage is default; Maron will always be on 1st stage if you summon them. The 2nd stage is reached after 3 hits, in which Maron becomes big. The 3rd stage is reached after 9 hits, in which Maron becomes even bigger with flames coming out of their body. You have 15 seconds to perform Maron strike before Maron explodes on your hand and reduce your HP to a fraction.

Stunned Maron takes 60s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngAdverse (逆境) 117% damage if HP drops below 25%. This is always activated during Maron Strike, thus the preferred personality.
Personality.pngFierce (やせ我慢) A chance to recover 18% of max HP when taking damage.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
MaronSkill1.png Maron Strike 34833 35423 5 59 Default damage and DPS are for the 1st stage.
121915 damage if Maron is on the 2nd Stage.
348330 damage if Maron is on the 3rd Stage.
Hold the PA button to delay the throw, release to throw. Maron will be stunned after use. Treat strike as if they are DoT attacks: they add DPS, instead of being your primary DPS. Strike does not activate Glance of Darkness.
MaronSkill2.png Maron Break 19315 26951 15 43 Primary DPS attack. A rudimentary area attack with no added effect. Unlike Jinga Break, Maron stays in place.
MaronSkill3.png Maron Shield 5 1 Recall PA. Hold button to keep Maron in front of your character, sluggishly draining your PP (1 PP every 2s). For its duration, Maron will take all damage from front at 50% rate. Shield might not be available if Maron is too far away, or in invalid location (such as below the ground, common occurrence when fighting Falz Angel).
MaronSkill4.png Maron Chaser 4302 5866 25 44 A homing missile attack that bounces at every enemy in an area. Can bounce back to the same enemy.
MaronSkill5.png Maron Curse 70991 7472 40 44 DoT attack that lasts for 570f (9.5s). Maron launches a projectile that homes to enemy. Although is a projectile, it is better to launch them point-blank to prevent missing (and it costs 40PP).
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1 8196 9456 -13 52 11474 damage, 13239 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
15490 damage, 17873 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 15.0 PP per second.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1-2-3 38248 11194 -42 205 53547 damage, 15672 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
72288 damage, 21157 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 12.3 PP per second.

Candy Box

Maron's Candy Box
Maron's Candy Box

Melon (メロン)

Maron's counterpart, similar PA with different Strike mechanic. Melon's Stage is reached faster, needing only 1 hit for 2nd Stage and 2 hits for 3rd Stage. Melon will revert to 1st Stage after spending 15 seconds on 3rd Stage, instead of blowing up the player. Melon has lowest HP among all pets, but highest defense among all.

Stunned Melon takes 20s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngAdverse (逆境) 117% damage if HP drops below 25%. This is not activated during Melon Strike, unless Melon's HP is below 25% when using.
Personality.pngFierce (やせ我慢) A chance to recover 18% of max HP when taking damage. This is preferred to keep Melon on the defensive side.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
MaronSkill1.png Melon Strike 12582 12795 10 59 Default damage and DPS are for the 1st stage.
25164 damage, 25590 DPS if Melon is on the 2nd Stage.
31461 damage, 31994 DPS if Melon is on the 3rd Stage.
Hold the PA button to delay the throw, release to throw, then hold again to catch Melon. Repeat to throw Melon as long as you have PP; if you do not have enough PP to catch, Melon will be stunned. Strike does not activate Glance of Darkness.
MaronSkill2.png Melon Break 19206 26799 20 43 Primary DPS attack. A rudimentary area attack with no added effect. Unlike Jinga Break, Melon stays in place. Costs 5 PP more than Maron Break.
MaronSkill3.png Melon Shield 5 1 Recall PA. Hold button to keep Melon in front of your character, sluggishly draining your PP (1 PP every 2s). For its duration, Melon will take all damage from front at 50% rate. Shield might not be available if Melon is too far away, or in invalid location (such as below the ground, common occurrence when fighting Falz Angel).
MaronSkill4.png Melon Chaser 3620 4936 25 44 A homing missile attack that bounces at every enemy in an area. Can bounce back to the same enemy.
MaronSkill5.png Melon Curse 71739 7551 25 44 DoT attack that lasts for 570f (9.5s). Melon launches a projectile that homes to enemy. Although is a projectile, it is better to launch them point-blank to prevent missing. Costs 15 PP less than Maron Curse.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1 7266 8383 -13 52 10172 damage, 11736 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
13732 damage, 15844 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 15.0 PP per second.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1-2-3 33908 9924 -42 205 47471 damage, 13893 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
64086 damage, 18756 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 12.3 PP per second.

Candy Box

Melon's Candy Box
Melon's Candy Box

Rappy (ラッピー)

An all-rounder pet, very friendly to newbies, although obtaining their eggs is not newbie friendly (Rare drop from XH Deus, Dragon, Omega Luther). Rappy invokes the Magikarp Power: its stat before L120 are not impressive, and has 250 points to fill on each stat of Pet Plus; Level 100 and 120 Rappy has an attack difference of almost 400 points. They notably have strongest normal attacks, albeit balanced by small hitbox. They are also the only pet to have a healing PA.

Stunned Rappy takes 20s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngEarly Bird (はやおき) Reduces stunned duration by 33%. All obtained Rappy eggs so far has only Super Early Bird (超はやおき) personality, which also boosts Rare Drop Rate by 5%.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
RappySkill1.png Rappy Melody 10880 16320 20 40 Inflicts minor damage and heals surrounding allies, akin to Resta. Unlike Resta, this can be performed over and over without canceling previous effect; also this does not count as support techs cast by player, thus can be activated within other support techs (e.g. Zanverse) without canceling the active tech.
The heal will only use Rappy's T-ATK and T-ATK affixes, despite using pet Switch Skills.
RappySkill2.png Rappy Drop 21817 29089 20 45 A rudimentary area attack.
RappySkill3.png Rappy Canon 14716 19621 15 45 Recall PA, and is the slowest of all. Rappy will set a Tal Rappy Barrel to fire a homing missile to an enemy, then return.
RappySkill4.png Rappy Sonic 62758 30613 20 123 Attacks a single point repeatedly, dealing a 6-hit. Timing can be hard since Rappy does not emit a distinguishable sound like Jinga Slicer. The skill will not start if the Rappy doesn't hit an enemy.
The PA's animation can be misleading since the animation does not stop if the target dies and Rappy acquires a new target, making it seemingly homing. This PA does not home in; this PA will stop if the target dies.
RappySkill5.png Rappy End 110900 32458 40 205 Default damage are for full charge.
Charge for 151f (2.5s), indicated by a tower of 4 rappies (including the pet). Can easily miss, ensure to do a normal attack first. This PA is not very impressive until it reaches L17, in which its power jumps from 5555 to 7777.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 15971 18428 -20 52 22359 damage, 25798 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
30185 damage, 34828 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 23.0 PP per second. The normal attack hits twice, restoring 10 PP per hit.
To put things to perspective, this, along with Weak Stance on SuBr, does 70K per hit to Dragon, means 140K in 52f. (0.86s)

Candy Box

Rappy's Candy Box
Rappy's Candy Box

Viola (ヴィオラ)

A pet that is best for soloing, as it has an effective aggro generation, unlike the Launcher PA Fake Silhouette. Bosses will even more likely to target Viola rather than other people in an EQ. Viola's regular PA are similar to Wanda, albeit lacking a reliable area attack. Viola's stat is not very impressive, and this including their defense. Using Viola Change, however, increases their defense and changes how their PA works: exerting high-powered damage and enormous hit box in expense of slower animation and sluggish PP regeneration. Viola is the signature pet of Manaka.

Stunned Viola takes 30s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngPoser (目立ちたがり) Takes 10% less damage and makes aggro even more effective. This is the preferred personality.
Personality.pngSoothing (いやし系) Increases healing rate of all unsummoned pets. Does not affect stunned pets.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
ViolaSkill1.png Viola Slicer 19842 19842 25 60 67470 damage, 31140 DPS during Change.
A 2-hit attack with a a stronger 2nd hit. Mechanics is similar to Wanda/Jinga Slicer in which the second hit is cancellable if you are not careful.
ViolaSkill2.png Viola Stamp 17857 25510 25 42 57145 damage, 38096 DPS during Change.
Primary DPS area attack that stuns enemies. The epicenter (near Viola's legs) suffers more damage than the surrounding.
ViolaSkill3.png Viola Assault 9223 13175 10 42 22135 damage, 24147 DPS during Change.
Recall PA, similar to Wanda Assault.
ViolaSkill4.png Viola Pulsar 57926 4122 30 38 98470 damage, 6492 DPS during Change.
DoT PA. Pulsar and Change Pulsar can be stacked, creating a double DoT. Unlike Torim/Aero, Viola can utilize Change at will, making this DoT scheme applicable all the time. During change, the hitbox is much bigger than Viola itself.
ViolaSkill5.png Viola Change 1 45 140% DEF (candies excluded), increases the power and enlarges the hitbox of all PAs; normal attacks are unaffected. Attack PP regain and natural PP regeneration will be set to 30% of normal value.
Viola will be in Change state until the art is used again, similar to Stance skills.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1 10248 11824 -14 52 14347 damage, 16554 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
19368 damage, 22347 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 16.2 PP per second.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1-2-3 38686 13263 -64 205 54160 damage, 18569 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
73116 damage, 25068 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 21.9 PP per second.

Candy Box

Viola's Candy Box
Viola's Candy Box

Synchro (シンクロウ)

The pet for taking down bosses quickly. Has the highest DPS among all pets, but is hardest to use, and get stunned quickly. Synchro's setup requires you to have superfluous amount of PP (above 180, 200 would be ideal.), them to be summoned after a stunned pet (best using Melon); after that, you need to learn to use different PA in order to power up Synchro Geki.

Notably, Syncro's PA names are left transliterated rather than translated. The translated name would be: Slash (Zan), Fists (Ken), Kick (Kyaku), Sever (Dan), and Beat (Geki).

Stunned Synchro takes 60s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngDevoted (なかま思い) 112% damage if Synchro is summoned after a stunned pet. This is the preferred personality due to its huge boost. The boost stays during area change and will be reset if Synchro is switched out or entering campship.
Personality.pngCunning (こうかつ) PP Cost reduced by 20% if summoned after a stunned pet.

For both personalities, as long as Synchro is summoned after a stunned pet, the boosts will active, regardless of when the stun occur, e.g.:

  • Maron Strike (Maron stunned) > Summon Aero > Summon Maron (still stunned) > Summon Synchro (boosts active).

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
SynchroSkill1.png Synchro Zan 10078 13742 5 44 15117 damage, 20614 DPS when Chained.
Approach PA, use it to home in on enemy and start a combo.
SynchroSkill2.png Synchro Dan 12374 18561 5 40 Binds when Chained.
Recall PA, and is the fastest one. Synchro will immediately return to your side and launches a projectile. Use it to correct Synchro's position, and for SuBo, gain the effect of Field skills.
SynchroSkill3.png Synchro Ken 9215 12565 10 44 18430 damage, 25131 DPS when Chained.
Secondary DPS, wasteful unless Chained. Ken does not move Synchro at all, necessitating use of Zan to make it hit.
SynchroSkill4.png Synchro Kyaku 16105 21961 10 44 Area enlarges during Chain.
Synchro performs a spinning kick that lasts for 3 rotation, but only hit once. The main use is to stall Chain state in case you need to do something else like Shifta, Deband, Reste, etc. During this time, Synchro also have a Just Guard in all directions, but it does not work 100% of time so use it with care.
SynchroSkill5.png Synchro Geki 11024 15032 25 44 16536 damage during Chain 2.
33073 damage during Chain 3.
66147 damage during Chain 4.
Only use this PA after Chaining 4 PAs. Geki in itself counts as a Chaining PA
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1 9048 11310 -7 52 12667 damage, 15833 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
17100, damage, 21375 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 8 PP per second.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 1-2-3 55332 14954 -32 205 77464 damage, 20936 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
104577 damage, 28264 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 9.3 PP per second. Note that Synchro's 3rd hit has 2400 power, which makes it stronger than many PAs.

Synchro Chain

The Chain is Synchro's main trade is would hamper their attack capability if not learned properly. Example:

  • Zan does 10078 damage normally. If you do Zan twice, it will simply double that damage.
    • Use Dan then Zan; Zan will become its Chained version and does 15117 damage instead.
    • Use Dan then Zan then Zan; the first Zan will be Chained, but the second one will be regular.
  • Ken does 9215 damage normally.
    • Use Zan then Ken then Zan then Ken; the first Zan will be regular, the first Ken will be Chained, doing 18430 damage, the second Zan will be Chained, doing 15117 damage, the second Ken will also be chained.
    • If you do the sequential 4 PAs above, you'll notice the character will glow and have a distinct click sound. This is the sign of Geki reaching full power (4 Chains).
  • Now you learn the basic Synchro combo: Zan - Ken - Zan - Ken - Geki
    • Geki counts as a Chain PA, so the Geki on the above combo, while used at full power because 4 Chains, also serve as Chain 1 for the next sequence.
    • Perform this combo: Zan - Ken - Zan - Ken - Geki - Zan - Ken - Zan - Geki
    • Both of the Geki will be at full power, since the first Geki also serve as Chain, making the Zan in bold Chained.

Synchro Combos

The values below disregard both personalities
Name Sequence Damage DPS PP Duration
Combo 1 Zan-Ken-Zan-Ken-Geki 128202 34932 55 220f (3.7s)
Combo 2 Combo 1-Zan-Ken-Zan-Geki 243013 36820 100 396f (6.6s)
Combo 3 Combo 1-Ken-Zan-Ken-Geki 246326 37322 105 396f (6.6s)
Combo 4 Combo 3-Ken-Zan-Ken-Geki 364450 38242 155 572f (9.5s)
Combo 5 Combo 4-Ken-Zan-Ken-Geki 482574 38699 205 660f (12.5s)
Combo 6 Combo 5-Ken-Zan-Ken-Geki 600698 39006 255 924f (15.4s)

You might noticed that Synchro's combo is basically repeating Ken-Zan-Ken-Geki after the Basic Combo 1. Always pay attention to your character's glow and sound cue.

The Glance of Darkness potential from Rykros Staff, along with Bo sub, can restore 5 PP per attack if you have Deband on. This essentially nullifies the PP cost of Zan and halves cost of Ken, making Combo 1 cost only 30 PP, and subsequent Ken-Zan-Ken-Geki also cost only 30 PP. This allows you to perform up to combo 6 with only 185 PP.

Candy Box

Synchro's Candy Box
Synchro's Candy Box

Redran (レドラン)

A long-range pet that can tear multi-part enemies, such as Ragne and Vibras, quickly. On the reverse side, they also can tear down Redran quickly. Redran has the highest ATK among all pets, but also the lowest def of all pets, with about 120 HP less than Synchro and only 60 DEF better. Other than defense EQ, Redran has minimal use, especially because they tend to run out of PP quickly. Oftentimes, its role can be swapped with the more efficient Popple.

I believe Redran is a portmanteau of Laser Dragon (ーザードラ), thus their name should be Ladran (read: leɪdræn). Would be too difficult to read, though.

Stunned Redran takes 60s to recover.

Personality Description
Personality.pngRowdy (あばれんぼう) Raises damage by 2% for each enemy killed by Redran; capped at 50% or 150% damage total. The bonus will be reset upon entering campship and unsummoning Redran. This would be the preferred personality.
Personality.pngHawkish (とうそうしん) Raises damage depending on number of enemies near the Redran. 106% for 1-4 enemies, 112% for 5 enemies and above. Since Redran is a long-range pet that has a low durability, this skill becomes counterproductive for its survival, specially since it does not do much in boss EQs.

Photon Arts

Icon Name Damage DPS PP Frame Description
RedranSkill1.png Redran Laser 81502 36767 25 133 Default damage listed for the maximum 8 locks, which requires 133f (2.2s) to fully lock and shoot. Hold the PA button to increase the lock-ons. A target may be locked-on twice. If an enemy only have 1 target point, this PA becomes significantly weaker.
RedranSkill2.png Redran Slash 14395 20086 5 43 A quick Recall PA that has invincible frames and knocks enemies down. Redran will return after performing the attack.
RedranSkill3.png Redran Burst 103752 35170 40 177 Default damage listed for the maximum 8 spheres.
Use only with lock-on. Hold the PA button to increase the number of spheres. Should the enemy dies or Redran lost target, the sphere will disappear and starts appearing when a new target is acquired.
RedranSkill4.png Redran Gravity 15 44 Sends a bullet that clusters enemy upon impact. The area is similar to Popple Fall, thus not much real use, except for detonating Mine.
RedranSkill5.png Redran Mine 27868 10 44 Sends a needle that attaches to enemy's body part. The needle can be activated using Redran Laser, Burst, or Gravity. Upon activation, the needle will explodes and does a 4-hit area damage. There can only be 1 needle active on an enemy, but the explosion can occur any number of times. Try using Mine-Gravity-Mine-Gravity.
BatonSmallL.png Normal Attack 11528 13301 -9 52 16139 damage, 18621 DPS with Spirited Parfait.
21787, damage, 25138 DPS with Spirited Parfait + Attack Advance.
Gains 10.4 PP per second.

Candy Box

Redran's Candy Box
Redran's Candy Box

Part 4: Summoner Skills and Techs

No matter how powerful your pets are, you are as only as good as the skills you pick.

Class Skills

Below is a table of all Summoner skills. The SP column is the recommended SP spent on the skill. The color coded is as follows:

  • ■ Skills that must be taken
  • ■ Skills that is nice to have, but in low priority overall. Take them only if all the magenta skills are learned.
  • ■ Skills that is in very low priority, but great if you want to use Su as a sub-class.
Icon Skill Name Notes SP
SuSkillHPUp.png HP Up
HP High Up
Increases HP. Do not max either skill unless your Summoner skill tree is for sub-classing. 1
SuSkillHPRestorate.png HP Restorate Recovers a portion of HP every 5 seconds after a certain threshold. Do not max this unless your Summoner skill tree is for sub-classing; on a sub tree, this skill works wonders! 1
SuSkillQuickRecovery.png Quick Recovery Reduces the time of bad status effect on character. Not really worth it. 0
SuSkillMassiveMate.png Massive Mate Prevent flinching and reduces damage when using Mate items. Not worth it at all since you can create an Atomizer Lover Ring which grants you invulnerability instead. 0
SuSkillAssistShare.png Assist Share Main Class only. Allows switched pet to retain all buffs of the previous pet. 1
SuSkillPetSwitchStrike.png SuSkillPetSwitchShoot.png Pet Switch Strike
Pet Switch Shoot
Main Class only. Allows S-ATK or R-ATK to be used in damage formula instead of T-ATK
※ Only take if character’s S-ATK or R-ATK is higher than T-ATK
※ Only change the formula used to calculate damage. Pet damage is always Tech.
※ Only one can be activated
SuSkillAllAttackBonus.png All Attack Bonus 1
All Attack Bonus 2
Each skill multiplies damage by 115%, for a total of 132.25% damage (115% * 115%). 10
SuSkillDearMaster.png Dear Master Pet will sacrifice itself to prevent your death. Low priority, since you are not supposed to take much damage, unless from Alter Ego. Losing a more powerful pet, such as Synchro, will have a huge dent on your DPS. If you are to take this skill, max it. 0 or 5
SuSkillPetSympathy.png Pet Sympathy Main Class only. Pet will ask for Shifta during attacks (higher chance on E-Trials or when attacking bosses) and Resta when low on HP. Fulfilling Shifta request will multiply pet damage by 120% at L10, while Resta will double the amount of heal the pet receives. Lasts 90 seconds. 10
SuSkillHarmonizeUp.png Harmonize Up Main Class only. Increase the chance of pet requesting Sympathy. Only spend 1 SP on this skill, as on raid bosses, pet will ask Sympathy quite often. 1
SuSkillSympathyTime.png Sympathy Time Main Class only. Increases the duration of Sympathy to be 180 seconds at L5. You will not want a gap in your Sympathy buff, since you are recommended to take 1 Harmonize Up. 5
SuSkillEasySympathy.png Easy Sympathy Main Class only. Extends the window when pet asks for Sympathy by 10 seconds, making it 20 seconds total. This skill is crucial if you cannot fulfill Sympahty immediately, such as during downtime of bosses. 1
SuSkillLongDistanceLove.png Long Distance Love Main Class only. You can fulfill Sympathy needs even if the pet is far away. This 1 SP removes the need to constantly return your pet to your side. 1
SuSkillPointAssist.png Point Assist Gives a mark on an enemy part. Upon hitting the said part, damage is multiplied by 115% for both pet and character. 10
SuSkillSupportFire.png Support Fire Increases damage to all parts of the enemy affected by point assist by 110%. If a part is marked with Point Assist and you have Support Fire, that part will take a total of 126.5% damage (115% * 110%). If you mark a part with Point Assist and you attack a different part, that different part will take 100% damage. 1
SuSkillPetPhotonBarrier.png Pet Photon Barrier Reduces damage to pets. Pet does not get hit that much to warrant spending point on this skill. 0
SuSkillPetRecovery.png Pet Recovery Main class only. Recovers a small percentage of pet HP every 5 seconds. Between the must-take 3 SP and maxed 5 SP, there's only 1% difference. 3
SuSkillReserveRecovery.png Reserve Recovery Increases the recovery speed of non-active pet. If you need this skill, you need to practice more. 0
SuSkillPetElementWeakHit.png Pet Element Weak Hit Increases damage when attacking enemies with their elemental weakness. Pet attacks are multiplied by 110%, while character is multiplied by 105% instead. 5
SuSkillPetElementPPRestorate.png Pet Element PP Restorate Main class only. Increases PP gained with pet normal attacks when attacking enemies with their elemental weakness. This skill is required if you are to use high-output pets like Synchro. 5
SuSkillPPUp.png PP Up 1
PP Up 2
Increases maximum PP. Very low priority. 0
SuSkillAllAttackUp.png All Attack Up
All Attack High Up
Raises your attack by 200 if you spend all 15 points in it. Low priority. 13-15
SuSkillAllDefenseUp.png All Defense Up
All Defense High Up
Raises your defense by 200 and DEX by 100 if you spend all 15 points in it. Low priority. 13-15
SuSkillPBAdvance.png PB Advance Increases PB power. Will do nothing if you have Cetus Proi. 0
SuSkillAlterEgo.png Alter Ego Main Class only. The premier boss masher skill on Summoner. Multiplies damage by 120%, but you will also take a portion of damage that the pet takes. The damage taken can be mitigated if the character is invulnerable, e.g. during Mirage Step. However, your character is not invulnerable during a knocked-down state. (leading to something I call "Summoner Blues") 10
SuSkillAllAttackBonus.png High Level Bonus Su Requires Su Lv. 80. Multiplies all damage by 5% 5
SuSkillAlterEgoHarmony.png Alter Ego Harmony Requires Su Lv. 85. Main Class only. Requires no SP. Grants character invulnerability from damages other than the one pet receives during Alter Ego, but Alter Ego's damage can no longer mitigated with Mirage Step or other mechanism. A high-defense pet like Jinga, Viola, or Melon will make your character practically have 90 seconds of invulnerability. -


There are few technics essential to have. You can obtain them as drops, buy from player shops, or trade them on Excube Shop at L17 for 20 Excubes each.

Icon Name Description
TechResta.png Resta Heals all allied units in an area. Pet will request a Resta sympathy if they have a low HP. Either craft of Resta is fine.
TechAnti.png Anti Restores status effect of all allied units in an area. A full-charged Anti lasts about 5 seconds on the field, you can use this as a preemptive move if you see a status move is incoming, like Elder's ice meteor. Preferred to have Concentrated craft (reduces charge time).
TechShifta.png Shifta Raises base attack power of all allied units in an area. Pet will request Shifta sympathy during battle. Pet needs to have the Shifta buff for increased attack. Having Shifta buff on the character is irrelevant to pet's damage. Preferred to have Multi craft (more ticks).
TechDeband.png Deband Raises base defense power of all allied units in an area. Deband is not as essential as Shifta, but is a key skill to have for Bo sub. Preferred to have Multi craft (more ticks).
TechZanverse.png Zanverse Inflicts additional 20% Wind damage when the pet is within the Zanverse radius. Best combined with long-range pets like Popple. Zanversed pet will affect the DoT given to enemy, as long as the pet is on the Zanverse area. Preferred to have Concentrated craft (reduces charge time).
TechMegiverse.png Megiverse Restores HP equal to 25% of damages inflicted if the pet is within the Megiverse radius. Note that since pet does the damage, character will not benefit from the skill at all, unless Glance of Darkness is active. Either craft or Megiverse is fine.
TechSafoie.png Safoie Type-0 Must have Type-0 Craft (available at start). A movement PA that helps you travel faster. It also tracks enemy's height, and has a lot of hits to help you escape from Fhange (that red-prison thing which traps you in an E-Trial).

Part 5: Class Combination

Summoner has 3 viable sub-classes: Braver, Fighter, and Bouncer. Their usage is depending on your play style. All multipliers listed are not counting High Level Bonus, which is a must-take.

Summoner-Braver (SuBr)

SuBr has the easiest usage, but relatively lacks output. Their rather low output is compensated by Attack Advance which, on few pets, provides a PA-power normal attacks with 0 PP usage. And thus you can stabilize damage by filling PP with a rather powerful attacks.

  • Average Stance: 126.5% damage, +25% critical rate
  • Weak Stance: 149.5% weak-point damage, +25% critical rate
  • Attack Advance: 135% damage from normal attacks
  • S Charge (on Brave and Weak Stance): 110% damage for charge skills. Eligible skills are:
    • Popple Plode, Torim/Aero Spiral, Rappy End
  • J Reversal Cover: Restores 20% HP upon reversal. This skill oftentimes a lifesaver.
  • Best compatibility: Jinga, Viola, Synchro, Redran, Rappy
    • These are pets with the highest normal attack DPS
  • Best usage: Mother, Deus, Dragon
  • Worst Usage: Profound Darkness, Luther
    • Rappy on Dragon is notable: if your Rappy has Spirited Parfait (はりきりパフェ), you can just use normal attack on Dragon since it will become Rappy's top DPS move, being slightly less powerful than Rappy End. More of this on the Pet section.

Summoner-Fighter (SuFi)

SuFi has the highest multiplier, but little compensation once PP runs out. the Brave Stance depends on the point of the part pet attacks compared to the enemy's body. E.g.: Brave Stance works while attacking dragon's front leg from any position (including from rear!), but will not work when attacking dragon's hind leg from any position (including from the front!).

  • Brave Stance: 154% front-attack damage (135% on rear-attack), +25% critical rate
  • Wise Stance: 175.5% rear-attack damage (100% on front attack), +25% critical rate
  • Critical Strike: +15% critical rate, +15% Critical damage
  • Chase Advance Plus: 115% damage to target with certain status effect. Pets that inflicts status effects are:
    • Wanda/Jinga (Shock: Stun), Viola (Stamp: Stun), Maron (Strike: Stun), Melon (Strike: Stun), Synchro (Dan: Bind, Geki: Stun)
    • Popple's Jellen does not count
  • PP Slayer: Additional 200 ATK when PP is below 50%.
  • Adrenaline: Shifta and Deband is now 30 seconds per tick. Applies to pet too.
  • Halfline and Deadline skills are triggered by character HP. Most likely you will use a R/P Keeper, thus these skills might be somewhat too risky to justify the extra ATK.
  • Best usage: Anything, especially Luther.

Summoner-Bouncer (SuBo)

SuBo is very situational, but has a superior PP regeneration mechanism. They are the only sub-class that allows Summonner to reach 100% critical without external help. At certain bosses, it can hit stronger than Fi, but on many others, it doesn't have much damage, since if they have no breakable parts, like 2nd part of mother or stripped-down Luther, you are locked to Elemental Stance. You also require extra pallet slot to accommodate Fields.

  • Elemental Stance: 132% damage on elemental weakness hit (110% on normal), +25% critical rate
  • Break Stance: 149.5% damage on breakable parts (100% on normal), +25% critical rate
  • J Reversal PP Gain: Recovers 20% PP during just reversal.
  • Fields, put them together with Alter Ego since they have the same duration and cooldown:
    • Critical Field: Critical Rate +30%
    • Elemental PP Restorate Field: Restores 3 PP every normal attack
    • Field remain: Pet needs to be inside the field to have its effect. This skill allows pet to exit the field for a brief time and retains the field's effect.
    • Shifta Air Attack Boost: 105% damage during Shifta when attacking mid-air. All of pets' attacks and PAs are counted as mid-air.
    • Deband PP Restorate: Restores 5 PP during Deband when using a normal attack.
    • Somehow, Glance of Darkness counts as a normal attack and will restore 5 PP if the character has Deband buff active.
  • Bo Mag: Feed your mag with DEX, and S-ATK and T-ATK will also get filled at 1:1 ratio.
  • Best compatibility: Synchro
    • If you need to create elemental pets to take advantage of Elemental Stance, Jinga would be the best choice, followed by Aero.
  • Best usage: Elder, Magatsu, Profound Darkness, Dragon
  • Worst Usage: Mother, Deus

Part 6: The Critical Build

According to the damage calculator, Summoners have a hard time maintaining average damage since pet's minimum damage starts at 70%, as opposed to other weapon's 90% when using a 13★. Adding as much critical as possible allows to to reach higher average damage, and your overall damage, without compensating any aspects (maybe that 10 PP from 2 Spirita Candy Sticks).

Recommended Candies

These candies are arranged from the highest priority to the lowest. Do check Collection File every list update. They usually comes with an egg.
Icon Candy Name Effect Pet Obtain
Pancake.png 3-Layer Pancake +30% Elemental Attribute.
Only 1 is needed.
All Pet Goods Shop
Pancake.png 2-Layer Pancake +20% Elemental Attribute.
Only 1 is needed. During the beginning of the game, you can use 2 since most likely, 3-Layer Pancake is too expensive.
All Pet Goods Shop
Parfaits.png Deadly Parfait 110% critical damage All Trade 50 Weapon Badge 2017
Title Reward for L80 Redran
Parfaits.png Spirited Parfait 140% normal attack damage Jinga, Viola, Redran, Synchro, Rappy Seasonal EQs (Chocolate, White Day, Rain, etc.)
Parfaits.png Super Megaton Parfait 112% damage against boss All XQ Terran Phantoms
Parfaits.png Megaton Parfait 109% damage against boss All Badge Shop (50 Weapon Badge 2018)
Parfaits.png Super Complete Parfait 108% damage if pet HP is above 60%. All Chocolate 2018 CF
Parfaits.png Perfect Parfait 107% damage against elemental weakness, use only if you are out of options. All Badge Shop (50 Weapon Badge 2018)
Parfaits.png Steady Parfait +4% damage for every enemy killed, up to 20% total (120% damage). Resets when pet is switched out or entering campship. Rowdy Redran only. Rowdy Redran Chocolate 2018 EQ
Parfaits.png Bolster Parfait 108% damage if pet is within a Mirage Step distance. Popple, Redran Badge Shop (50 Weapon Badge 2018)
Parfaits.png Luxury Parfait PP Regen 120%, Attack PP Gain 110%, PP Cost -5%. Most suited for pets with high PP consumption. Aero, Synchro, Redran ESC-A Falz Mother
Rolls.png Support Roll 101% damage, +10% critical rate, 120% defense during Shifta sympathy All Yamato EQ
Chocolate 2018 EQ
White Day 2018 EQ
Rolls.png Conversion Roll Increases each attack by 4% of each defense. S-DEF will raise S-ATK, R-DEF will raise R-ATK, and T-DEF will raise T-ATK Melon Ultimate Naberius
Stick_Candy.png Critical Candy Stick Critical Rate +7% All Pietro CO "My Gallant Popple!"
Stick_Candy.png Spirita Candy Stick PP+5. Use this if you do not have Critical candies yet All Random drop
Stick_Candy.png Vin-Spi Candy Stick All ATK +20, PP+3 Popple, Jinga, Rappy Pietro CO "My Gallant Jinga!"
Stick_Candy.png Ability Candy Stick All +5. Use this if you do not have Vin-Spi candies yet Popple, Jinga, Rappy Ariel's Pet Goods Shop (50 Grinders)
Cookie.png Power/Shoot/Tech Cookies Respective ATK +35 All Random drops
Cookie.png Spirita Cookie PP+5. Will be handy once pet reaches 14★. All Random drops

  When in doubt, you can always use Deadly Parfait and Megaton Parfait.


For most of the time, sticking to your regular Takt is fine. However, you might want the extra damage boost from Rare Mastery, which necessitates a 10★, namely the Rose Skewer. Takt is really handy, for one, it does benefit a +35 grind, except maybe Rykros Staff.

Icon Name Rarity Obtain Description
TaktRoseSkewer.png Rose Skewer 10★ Christmas EQ, Player Shop The only all-class takt. This is essential to have as it also allows you to use pet when you are raising your subclass.
TaktYukiKaze.png Yuki Kaze 13★ 2017 Weapon Badge Shop Potential.pngSnowfall Splendor will reduce damage taken by pets by 5% and regenerates their HP by 10% every 10 seconds.
Potential.pngPerennial Conqueror increases pet damage by 3% and decreases damage taken by character by 40% during fight against Profound Darkness.
TaktQliphadPick.png Zeinesis / Qliphad Pick 13★ Deus EQ Potential.pngMelody of Evil increases natural PP regeneration by 10% and attack PP regain by 15%. Not really worth it, considering the need of 120 Qliphad Fuse.
TaktEvledaAnhks.png Evleada / Cleasis Anhks 13★ Any XH Omega EQ Potential.pngDeathblow Honor restores 3PP per enemy killed. Cleasis has an added ability of raising damage by 3% during Defense Phase of Buster Quest.
TaktRykrosStaff.png Rykros Staff 14★ Deus, any XH Omega Boss EQ Potential.pngGlance of Darkness provides 2 things during Alter Ego: First, it automatically fulfill Shifta Sympathy if the Sympahty window runs out; however, this does not grant Shifta to the pet, merely extending the sympathy buff. Second, it launches a 2000 power Darkness attack every PA that relies on T-ATK of the character. The faster the PA, the more damage you can do. Best combined with Synchro.

The best part is that this attack forces Darkness weakness to Anga Fhandarge, reducing the chance it has to resist Takt. (While Angra would never resist Takt normally, Mag attack while wielding Takt and hitting it with directly Takt can cause it to resist Takt).


If you plan to use more than 1 L Skill Rings, then it is recommended that you use 12★ units.
Icon Name Description
RingCStrikeTIcon.png R/C Strike Tech +20
+20% critical rate, 103% critical damage. Use this unless you have Fi sub. Grinding is a must.
RingPKeeperTech.png R/P Keeper Tech +20
103% damage if HP is above 75%. Use this for Fi sub. Grinding is a must.
RingNearAutoTargetIcon.png L/Near Auto Target
Pet will automatically attack enemies with 1 swing. Using recall skills (like Jinga Assault), will cancel the effect until next takt swing.
RingAirReversal.png L/Air Reversal
Allows you to perform reversal in-mid air, anytime.
RingAtomizerLovers.png L/Atomizer Lover
Increases usage speed when using Atomizer and grants invulnerability while doing so. Grinding is optional to increase the potency of Atomizer (up to 160%).
RingTechCParrying.png L/C Tech Parry +20
Provides 0.6s of frontal Just Guard when charging a technique using a Tech weapon (Rod, Talis, Wand, Jet Boots, Takt). This is optional, but can be handy if you master the rather lenient timing. Should you decide to acquire this, grinding is a must.


Ideally, you should have 100+ ATK on each unit, 1200+ HP total, and 180+ PP total. Extra HP prevents accidental deaths during Alter Ego till you can obtain the Alter Ego Harmony; the extra PP is required if you are to utilize Synchro. However, should you unable to obtain this, try to aim for at least 1000 HP and 150 PP.

Of course, you are free to use any units you like, and fit it with as much affix as you like. Do note that the trend of PSO2 as of Chapter 5 is to put high ATK boss which drops gives high powered weapon, thus raising HP is more beneficial than overly raising ATK.


Without any enhancements, your mean damage using a pet is:

\begin{align} (100\% + 70\%) / 2 = 85\% \end{align}

However, at any circumstances, you have at least 5% critical rate, which means 95% of time you deal average 85% damage, while the 5% of the time, you deal 100% of the damage.

\begin{align} 95\% * 85\% + 5\% * 100\% = 85.75\% \end{align}

In other words, without any critical enhancements, averagely, you only do 85.75% damage.

Lets say you are using a Class Stance Critical (25%, assuming either Br or Bo sub) and a Critical Strike Ring Tech (20%), you will have a total of 50% Critical Rate (5% + 25% + 20%). Ignoring Critical Damage bonus from ring, your average damage will be:

\begin{align} 50\% * 85\% + 50\% * 100\% = 92.5\% \end{align}

By boosting your critical rate to 50%, you gain 6.75% more damage (7.87%, if relative to 85%).

What if you use all the critical option available without outside aid? Assuming Br sub, you already have 50% crit with ring. Add 14% from 2 Critical Candy Sticks and 20% from 2 Support Rolls. This will add up to 84% critical rate. Your average damage will be:

\begin{align} 16\% * 85\% + 84\% * 100\% = 97.6\% \end{align}

You are almost 12% more powerful than a non-critical build (14.82%, if relative to 85%).

Example, a SuBr uses Deadly Parfait and maxed Critical Strike Tech ring: 84% critical rate and 103% * 110% = 113.3% damage during a critical hit (3% from Ring, 10% from Deadly Parfait). Their average damage will be:

\begin{align} 16\% * 85\% + 84\% * 113.3\% = 108.77\% \end{align}

At more than 80% critical rate, the Deadly Parfait is more powerful than Super Complete Parfait (The damage rate with Super Complete Parfait alone will be 108.13%). And, with outside aid like Shifta Critical and Critical Field, pretty much 100% critical is guaranteed, bumping the overall damage to 113.3%


Should you require aid in-game, you can contact Manaka, her player name is VateVierge. Have fun using pets!