Phantasy Star Online 2: Etoile Guide
  Last update at 14 Dec 2020 11:01

This is a laid-back guide intended to help people optimizing their Etoile usage! Rather than flail around with Etoile weaponry, utilize combos to better your output!

2020/12/14 Added demo videos.
2020/12/09 Updated item names with NA translation, updated S-Class Ability section, updated Weapon List, minor note update to few PAs.
2020/06/16 Revised weapon S-Class Ability section. Unit section removed in favor of a separate unit guide.
2020/06/11 Initial version.
2020/05/25 Prototype version.

Part 1: Basic Etoile

Etoile Basics
Etoile Basics

Etoile is a successor class that uses Double Saber, Dual Blade (Soaring Blade), and Wand. They have a lot of damage resistance (70%!) and can do a lot of damage as well. Due to the resistance, Etoile is one of the easiest class to use for "high difficulty" quests and end-game contents.

  This guide assumes that:

  • You know how PSO2 works in general, as you need 2 level 75 classes to unlock Etoile
  • You have done the Etoile Tutorial
  • You know who Lucotte (ルコット) is
  • You can amass Excubes
  • You can amass Photon Spheres

Basic Equipments

You should use whatever weapons and units available to you. Assuming you have at least 120 ATK on your mag and no L75 class boosts, here are some recommendations:

Level Weapon Units Description
30 Nox Cadina-NT ノクスカディナ-NT Nox Dinas-NT ノクスディナス-NT Nox Qucross-NT ノクスキュクロス-NT Rear/Ronia Pointa サブ/ロニアポインタ Arm/Ronia Shell アーム/ロニアシェル Leg/Ronia Port レッグ/ロニアポート A grinded Nox should be available from Player Shop. Ronia sets are available from Photon Sphere Shop.
55 Sub/Stellar Wall サブ/ステラウォール You should already have Stellar Wall from title reward when reaching L75 with any of your other classes.
70 Dim Double Saber ディムDセイバー Dim Dual Blade ディムDブレード Dim Wand ディムウォンド Dims are availabe from Player Shop. If you have 200 ATK mag, you can wield Dims on level 60. If you have 200 ATK mag, and maxed class boosts, you can wield Dims on level 50.

Etoile Mag

Thanks to Etoile Mag skill, any points added to a mag's S-ATK, R-ATK, and T-ATK will be distributed to all attacks at 1:1 rate. So if you have 200 T-ATK mag, you'll also gain 200 S-ATK and 200 R-ATK.

Preferably your mag has this following setup:
Parameter Value Description
T-ATK 200 Focusing on pure T-ATK will give you access to the exclusive, PP Restore J.
Photon Blast Cetus Proi You'll automatically get Cetus Proi upon focusing on T-ATK. You can buy PB Device Cetus P (PBデバイス/ケートスP) from the Excube shop.
Auto Action Megid Megid is a powerful auto action and can poison enemy. Along with Wand and Mag Excite Ring, your mag can contribute damage comparable to S4 Raising Pursuit. You can buy T-ATK Device Megid (法撃デバイス/メギド) from the Excube Shop
Auto SP Action Barricade (鉄壁 Unbreakable) I personally prefer this since in higher difficulty bosses can do a lot of damage in a single bow; this can be a lifesaver when you least expect it. You can buy SP DEX Device Barricade (SP技量デバイス/鉄壁 SP DEX Device Iron Wall) from the Excube Shop. If you have PP trouble, pick Rapid Fire. Dance is hardly useful because it's hard to time it properly with your burst attacks.
Trigger Action PP Restore J Mate Production Atomizer Production Put multiple Mate and Atomizer Production. If you have 8 slots by using the Mag Support Expansion Kit (マグ支援枠拡張デバイス Mag Support Extend Device), you can have PP Restore J, 2 Mate Productions and 5 Atomizer Productions. You can get the production devices as E-Trial drops, or buy in Player Shop: Production Device/Mates (生産デバイス/HP回復系) and Production Device/Mizers (生産デバイス/範囲系). I personally went for all Atomizers since I rarely ran out of Monomates.

Skill Tree

Etoile Skill Tree
Etoile Skill Tree

Etoile's skill tree doesn't require too much details. For general purpose Main and Sub, the Recommended Setting available on the Class counter is already optimal, focusing on maxing Damage Balancer and Tech Arts Count Bonus, while getting just 3 points for Same Arts PP Save.

For a Skill Simulator version, click here  

About Etoile Boost

Etoile boost provides increased damage resistance each time you get hit. First hit is 15%, second hit is 30%, and and so on until 5th hit at 75%. However, the damage resistance decays at 25% per second. For example, if you get hit 5 times in less than 1 second, you'll hit the 75% damage reduction, but on the next second, it will be reduced to 50%, then 25%, then back to 0%. While the mechanics can be considered quirky, learning this skill provides you with at least 15% damage reduction.

The decay rate can be reduced by 50% (becoming 12.5% per second) with S6:Long Night Star (S6:長夜の明星); but considering PSO2 UH bosses so far, the only thing this protects you from are Ultra Miser missiles.

About Tech Arts Count Bonus

At L10, the Tech Arts Count Bonus (TACB) give you 15% damage increase and 10% PP reduction for the next 3 different JA'd PA after a JA'd PA. TACB count will not be zeroed by normal attacks

For example:
Combo Example PA 1 PA 2 PA 3 PA 4 PA 5
P-Circular - 4x L-Flare P-Circular
(TACB Left:0)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:2)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:1)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:0)
(TACB Left:0)
P-Circular - 3x L-Flare - P-Circular P-Circular
(TACB Left:0)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:2)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:1)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:0)
TACB P-Circular
(TACB Left:2)
P-Circular - L-Flare - Normal 3 - L-Flare - L-Flare P-Circular
(TACB Left:0)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:2)
Normal 3
(TACB Left:2)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:1)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:0)

About Same Arts PP Save

Same Arts PP Save (SAPPS) reduces the PA cost of same PA in succession. At L3, for each same PA used, it will give 8%, 16%, 24%, and maxed at 25%. This can work in-tandem with TACB's 3 PA limit, stacking the PP cost reduction. Since there can only be 2 PAs affected by SAPPS+TACB, having L3 (8% and 16%), is more less same with L2 (9% and 15%), but L3 is more lenient when you miscount your PA. SAPPS doesn't get reset by normal attacks and works regardless of JA.

For example:
Combo Example PA 1 PA 2 PA 3 PA 4 PA 5
P-Circular - 4x L-Flare P-Circular
(TACB Left:0)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:2)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:1)
(SAPPS -8%)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:0)
(SAPPS -16%)
(TACB Left:0)
(SAPPS -25%)
P-Circular - 3x L-Flare - P-Circular P-Circular
(TACB Left:0)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:2)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:1)
(SAPPS -8%)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:0)
(SAPPS -16%)
TACB P-Circular
(TACB Left:2)
P-Circular - L-Flare - Normal 3 - L-Flare - L-Flare P-Circular
(TACB Left:0)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:2)
Normal 3
(TACB Left:2)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:1)
(SAPPS -8%)
TACB L-Flare
(TACB Left:0)
(SAPPS -16%)

Part 2: Intermediate Etoile

  Intermediate Objectives:

  • You can assign helpful rings on your units: Atomizer Lovers, Mate Lovers, Easy Full Connect
  • You know the quirks of each Etoile Weapon
  • You can perform the optimum rotation combo of Double Saber
  • You can perform the optimum rotation combo of Dual Blade
  • You can perform the optimum rotation combo of Wand


Icon Name Grind Description
ring-freezeguard.png Critical Strike (R)R/CストライクR/C Strike Yes Useful to increase Etoile's base 50% critical rate.
ring-atomizerlovers.png Atomizer Fanatic (L)L/アトマイザーラバーズL/Atomizer Lover Yes Speeds up atomizer use by 100% (double speed!) and turns you invulnerable when doing so.Increases atomizer healing by 60%, making Star Atomizer restores 80% HP.With S7 Increased Efficiency, Star Atomizer healing becomes 104%, restoring full HP and making you invulnerable when doing so.
ring-matelovers.png Mate Maniac (L)L/メイトラバーズL/Mate Lovers Yes Speeds up mate use by 60% and healing by 20%Less useful than Atomizer Lover since this doesn't grant invulnerability.With S7 Increased Efficiency, even Monomate can heal about 46%HP!
ring-mockeasyfullconnect.png L/イージーフルコネクトL/Easy Full Connect No Allows charging Connect and turn it to Full Connect with just 1 gear bar!Useful to increase DPS on Dual Blades, details below!
ring-magexcite.png Mag Excitement (L)L/マグエキサイトL/Mag Excite Yes Increases Mag auto action frequency and power.Can contribute significant damage when wand is active.

wp-ds-27x.png Double Saber

To know the basics of Double Saber, please do the Etoile Training Quest on Double Saber. Double Saber (DS) is a balanced weapon in both offense and defense. You're expected to counter each incoming attacks with its Weapon Action, Deflect which does a lot of damage. Getting hit a lot means you cannot spend gear to use Enhanced Normal or Enhanced Quick Take to inflict damage and restore PP.

Strength Weakness
  • Balanced damage among all PA, making it easier to pickup
  • Has the only instant-point attack, the Shooting Star
  • Able to counterattack anytime using Weapon Action, even in middle of PA
  • Low PP Cost
  • Good PP regain
  • While having at least 1 gear, all damage taken will be reduced
  • While having at least 1 gear, each hit taken will automatically reduces gear by 1
  • DS Skip Arts can be awkward to use, while the strongest combo requires it
  • Enhanced Quick Takes can be awkward to use, since you need to hold the normal attack button until the hit connects

Double Saber Photon Arts

Icon Name Property
pa-et-ds-wa.png DeflectディフレクトDeflect Can be used anytime, extremely powerful against attacks that lingers and hit a lot, such as Mithra's light pillar.
pa-et-ds-normal.png Quick Take & Enhanced Quick TakeクイックテイクQuick Take & Enhanced Quick Take You need to hold the normal attack button until the Quick Take hits for the Enhanced version; this is important if you are far from enemy!
pa-et-ds-sstar.png Shooting StarシューティングスターShooting Star Etoile's only instant-point attack, useful against enemy like Dissolsaber.Best to do the skip version as it straightly go to the instant-point attackThis the weakest DS PA: even the skip version is weaker than both Skip S-Destruction and first half A-Quasar.You can still do a lot of damage with this since it's highly accurate.
pa-et-ds-aquasar.png Absolute QuasarアブソリュートクエーサーAbsolute Quasar Approach PA, will track enemy's height if locked-on.First half is strong, second half is weak.First half is one of the strongest PA on DS's disposal, only weaker than Skip S-Destruction.
pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png Saber DestructionセイバーデストラクションSaber Destruction First half is weak, second half is strong.Skip version is the strongest PA on DS's disposal.
pa-et-ds-ccollide.png Celestial CollideセレスティアルコライドCelestial Collide Skip version could be stronger than Skip S-Destruction, but its quirk limits it uses.Good for getting high damage first strike when a weakpoint is about to show.

Double Saber Combo

Combo 1
pa-et-ds-aquasar.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-normal.png
First Half A-Quasar Skip S-Destruction Skip S-Destruction Skip S-Destruction Enhanced Quick Take
Most powerful sustainable DS combo. Removing Quick Take will increase the DPS by 1-2%, but it becomes unsustainable.
Combo 2
pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-ccollide.png   pa-et-ds-normal.png
Skip S-Destruction Skip S-Destruction Skip S-Destruction Skip Collide Enhanced Quick Take
Combo utilizing the Celestial collide. Only marginally weaker than Combo 1.
Combo 3
pa-et-ds-aquasar.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-ccollide.png   pa-et-ds-normal.png
First Half A-Quasar Skip S-Destruction Skip Collide Enhanced Quick Take
Another combo utilizing the Celestial collide, do about as much as Combo 2.
Combo 4
pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-sdestruction.png   pa-et-ds-aquasar.png   pa-et-ds-normal.png
First Half S-Destruction First Half S-Destruction First Half S-Destruction Skip A-Quasar Enhanced Quick Take
A good combo for mobbing, if you're reluctant to swap to Wand.

wp-db-27x.png Dual Blade / Soaring Blade

To know the basics of Dual Blade, please do the Etoile Training Quest on Dual Blade. Dual Blade (DB) or Soaring Blade are a more defensive weapon, as it allows you to use its Weapon Action, Parry anytime to guard an attack and gain some invulnerability. Blocking an attack does minimum damage to enemy and restores PP. You are expected to build gear as fast as possible and dish out it's gear attack, Full Connect, as many as possible to do damage. Without using Full Connect often, Dual Blade becomes a weak weapon.

Strength Weakness
  • Able to guard attacks almost anytime using Weapon Action
  • Guarding attacks restores PP
  • Normal attacks homes in on enemy
  • Requires using Connect and Full Connect to perform on par with DS and Wand
  • Full Connect is slow
  • Full Connect is subject to damage cap
  • Normal attacks are weak
  • PAs are somewhat weak
  • Requires the Easy Full Connect Ring to increase damage
  • Parry cannot be used when performing Connect or Full Connect

Dual Blade Photon Arts

Icon Name Property
pa-et-db-wa.png ParryパリィParry Can be used almost anytime to nullify attack and regain PP, even when you're frozen!Somehow cannot be used during Connect or Full Connect
pa-et-db-wa.png Connect & Full Connectコネクト・フルコネクトConnect & Full Connect Full Connect is DB's highest damage attack.You need to do this as often as possible to keep your damage similar to DS or Wand.If you have Easy Connect ring, you can charge your Connect into Full Connect!This has range penalty, don't be too far from your target.
pa-et-db-rsting.png Radiant StingラディアントスティングRadiant Sting Approach PA, covers a lot of ground.
pa-et-db-pflow.png Vertical FlowバーティカルフロウParticle Flow Weakest DB PA.Can be used to raise your altitude if you cancel to another PA after the rising part.Can also be used to lower your altitude if you let the PA finish.
pa-et-db-dpierce.png Distortion PierceディストーションピアスDistortion Pierce Strongest DB PA.With the slow animation, you're expected to protect yourself with Parry.
pa-et-db-lwave.png Light WaveライトウェーブLight Wave A long-range PA.Does about the same damage as Radiant Sting, but is riskier due to being the only DB PA without super armor.You can stand still when using this to activate Standing Massive and gain super armor.

Dual Blade Combo

Combo 1
pa-et-db-wa.png   pa-et-db-wa.png
Step Edge Full Connect
Requires the Easy Full Connect Ring.Charge until the big swords appear.The overall damage will be lower than using Connect into Full Connect, but the DPS is higher.Remember that Full Connect has a range penalty, so don't be too far from your enemy!
Combo 2
pa-et-db-pflow.png   pa-et-db-rsting.png   pa-et-db-normal.png
P-Flow R-Sting Normal 3
A combo opener to gain height, should your target is higher than you. You can replace the R-Sting with any PA!
Combo 3
pa-et-db-rsting.png   pa-et-db-dpierce.png   pa-et-db-dpierce.png   pa-et-db-dpierce.png   pa-et-db-normal.png   pa-et-db-normal.png
R-Sting D-Pierce D-Pierce D-Pierce Normal 2 Normal 3
A sustainable basic combo utilizing the most of DB's PA.You can replace the Normal 2 with another R-Sting to increase DPS!
Combo 4
pa-et-db-rsting.png   pa-et-db-dpierce.pngpa-et-db-dpierce.pngpa-et-db-dpierce.png   pa-et-db-rsting.png   pa-et-db-dpierce.pngpa-et-db-dpierce.pngpa-et-db-dpierce.png   pa-et-db-normal.png
R-Sting 3x D-Pierce R-Sting 3x D-Pierce Normal 3
This is the combo to use if you are goot at Parrying, have additional PP reduction, and persistent PP regeneration like Flowing Grace or Colossal Radiance.

wp-wa-27x.png Wand

To know the basics of Wand, please do the Etoile Training Quest on Wand. Wand is a more offensive weapon with high mobility, as it allows you to move anytime, even during normal attacks and PAs. Its Weapon Action, Protect can guard against attacks and enables natural PP regeneration when doing so, unlike DS or DB. Wand also depends on its gear attack, Protect Release, to do damage, but not as much as DB. Gear generation is fast as long as you keep moving around during attacks. If you're unwilling to move around with wand, consider using another weapon.

Strength Weakness
  • Able to move around even when using normal attacks and PAs making it easy to avoid damage when attacking
  • Each PA has a different use: a suction, an approach, an altitude riser, and a power attack
  • Has the only wide area attack
  • All PAs have guard frames, and activating Focus PA provides additional guard frames
  • Great aerial capability
  • Moving around with unsheathed weapon and enemies nearby increases gear
  • Using or holding Protect allows PP regeneration, unlike the other two weapons
  • High PP consumption
  • Few combo variety
  • Protect cannot be performed anytime
  • Sometimes requires manual aim: Luminous Flare is more effective with manual aim to prevent aiming loss when target dies, Prism Circular can be used to gain height when using manual aim.

Wand Photon Arts

Icon Name Property
pa-et-wa-wa.png ProtectプロテクトProtect Blocks any attack and fills the wand gear.Can be used to cancel PA during the white focus circlePay attention on the small barrier around your character, this indicates protect is active: if you hold the button to charge Protect Release, you'll note that this small barrier will dissipate when your gear is depleted!
pa-et-wa-wa.png Protect ReleaseプロテクトリリースProtect Release Wand Gear has 6 bars, Protect Release 1 needs 2 bars and Protect Release 2 needs 4 bars.Your natural PP regeneration will be active for the duration of release.
pa-et-wa-wa.png FocusフォーカスFocus Press weapon action during white focus circle to perform focus PA!Focus PAs are stronger, but has narrower range.Focus PAs fill gauge faster than regular PAs.
pa-et-wa-pcircular.png Prism CircularプリズムサーキュラーPrism Circular Approach PA, will track enemy's height if locked-on.Can be used with manual aim to change your height.Regular version causes stun.Focus version is a combo starter.
pa-et-wa-lflare.png Luminous FlareルミナスフレアLuminous Flare Best mobbing tool available to Etoile!Regular version may require manual aim due to the control.The hitbox is wider than it looks, roughly as big as the swirl surrounding the beam.Focus version is Wand's strongest PA.
pa-et-wa-brupture.png Black Hole RuptureブラックホールラプチャーBlack Hole Rupture Gathers enemy in a small area together.Most likely requires manual aim to be effectively gather enemy.Weakest wand PA, use it only for its unique property.
pa-et-wa-gstripe.png Glitter StripeグリッターストライプGlitter Stripe Can be used to raise your altitude without using manual aim like Prism Circular.Focus version is very powerful, but hardly hit the target more than twice, unless the target is gigantic.

Wand Combo

Combo 1
pa-et-wa-gstripe.png   pa-et-wa-gstripe.png   pa-et-wa-wa.png
Focus G-Stripe Focus G-Stripe Protect Release 2
A useful combo to retain your height while charging release. Useful against enemies in which you have a great advantage fighting airborne, such as Meduna.
Combo 2
pa-et-wa-pcircular.png   pa-et-wa-lflare.png   pa-et-wa-normal.png   pa-et-wa-lflare.png   pa-et-wa-lflare.png   pa-et-wa-normal.png
Focus P-Circular Focus L-Flare Normal 3 Focus L-Flare Focus L-Flare Normal 3
A basic wand combo utilizing as much L-Flare as possible. You will eventually run out of PP, so improvise with Focus L-Flare - Normal 2 - Normal 3 Use Protect Release 2 as soon as it's available to regain PP!
Combo 3
pa-et-wa-pcircular.png   pa-et-wa-lflare.pngpa-et-wa-lflare.pngpa-et-wa-lflare.png   pa-et-wa-pcircular.png   pa-et-wa-lflare.pngpa-et-wa-lflare.pngpa-et-wa-lflare.png   pa-et-wa-normal.png
Focus P-Circular 3x Focus L-Flare Focus P-Circular 3x Focus L-Flare Normal 3
This is the combo to use if you have additional PP reduction and persistent PP regeneration like Flowing Grace or Colossal Radiance; having Calming Shockwave also helps.

Part 3: Advanced Etoile

  Advanced Objectives:

  • You can create a low cost but potent S-ATK units
  • You can create a potent PP units
  • You know PP efficiency alternative to pure damage
  • You assign the following S-Class Ability to your unit: S7:Increased Efficiency


For damage purpose, Etoile uses S-ATK. If you want PP, you'll use the Liberate set or Orb-Liberate-Nova. If you want an all-rounder, you'll have to look for DQ or Atlas unit. For further information on units, please take a look on the companion guide, linked below!


As with units, use whatever's available. The weapons listed below are more less, commonly used and/or easy to obtain. If you struggle to obtain a ★15, Atra Ex and Austere can be made easily.

Reminder to transfer your S-Class Abilities, not use the weapon as fodder!
Icon Name S-Slot Description
wp-ds-cras.pngwp-db-cras.pngwp-wa-cras.png Cras       Similar to Ayer with 30s damage boost mode and higher stat.Requires a Graeae, currently very limited in circulationActivating damage boost mode requires doing 3 normal attacks in a row, step attack doesn’t count.Activating damage boost mode removes the PP cut and persistent PP regenration.
wp-ds-ayer.pngwp-db-ayer.pngwp-wa-ayer.png Ayer      Provides persistent PP regeneration and PP cut.By putting Petalgleam / Red Petal Flash and S4 Rainbow Balance, this weapon lowers your PP cost a lot.As strong as fully-boosted Stil.Easy to purchase from Zieg.Unless you get it as drop, you will need Grind Caps to increase the cap; fortunatel Grind Caps becomes an easy drop later on.
wp-ds-stil.pngwp-db-stil.pngwp-wa-stil.png Stil     Very powerful with persistent PP regeneration, as long as you can avoid getting hit.S5 is useful for both DB and Wand.Requires a lot of material to the point of insanity.Requires Liberate to get the desired DB and Wand S5.Getting hit a lot will lower the overall damage you do.
wp-ds-soldam.pngwp-db-soldam.pngwp-wa-soldam.png (Soldam)     This is the weapon drop from Ultimate Quest Soldam and only useful if you don't have anything else and is prone to mistakes.All weapons have different names, but has same potential that allows you to use mate items instantly.You'll never need to use mate items instantly when you're using Etoile right as you take less damage and have ways to mitigate those damage completely.
wp-ds-fimbul.pngwp-db-fimbul.pngwp-wa-fimbul.png Fimbul     A great Et-exclusive weapon that is easy to obtain.Permanently available via Collection File.Collection File provides Grind Caps.Overall weaker than Ayer.
wp-ds-liberate.pngwp-db-liberate.pngwp-wa-liberate.png Rivalate / Liberate    Huge PP cut with increased critical rate.S4 can be used to put persistent PP regeneration like Colossal Radiance.S5 is useful for both DB and Wand.Requires Liberate Unlocker, which at first, is a feat to obtain.
wp-ds-atraex.pngwp-db-atraex.pngwp-wa-atraex.png Atlas Ex      Prevents death once, if you're prone to making mistake.Can obtain at least 2 copies easily.Very straightforward potential.S4 can be used to put persistent PP regeneration like Colossal Radiance.None.
wp-ds-lightstream.pngwp-db-lightstream.pngwp-wa-lightstream.png Xion     Solid stat with PP-refilling effect, can never go wrong with it.Requires Amphitrite Stone, which is also a feat to obtain.More less just a PP-battery, useful if you have a huge amount of PP.
wp-ds-austere.pngwp-db-austere.pngwp-wa-austere.png Ophistia / Austere     Surprisingly strong by using it's Nemesis Potential (Darkness Shield), as long as you don't get hit a lot.All weapon ingredients can be brought.Weak if you get hit a lot, at least until you can change to it's Redux potential.
wp-ds-flotea.pngwp-db-flotea.pngwp-wa-flotea.png Flotea     None.For an Et-exclusive weapon, this is more than underwhelming.

Special Weapon Ingredients

Icon Name Uses Location
item-mat-chronos-stone.png Chronos Eternistone時還石クロノスTime Reversal Stone Chronos Atlas series Title: Grind a Val to +35.Title: Get 1100 Titles.Title: Get 5M Points on Divide Quest.Clear Episode 5 Chapter 6 Sub Story 4 (Basically clear all Episode 5).Exchange 600 Sage's Crest on Zieg.Road to Episode 6 Campaign.Summer Vacation Get Kronos Campaign.
item-mat-amphitrite-stone.png Founder's Amphirite創望石アンフィトリテCircular Amphitrite Stone Xion series Title: Defeat Dark Falz Persona 50 times.Title: Get 1200 Titles.Title: Get 7.2M total points on Armada of Demise.Title: Get 50M Points on Divide Quest.Exchange 900 Sage's Crest on Zieg.Road to Etoile CampaignRoad to Luster Campaign
item-mat-liberate-unlocker.png Key Rivalate解鍵リバレイトLiberate Unlocker Rivalate (Liberate) series Title: Get 1300 Titles.Title: Get 100M Points on Divide Quest.Exchange 900 Sage's Crest on Zieg.New Year Festival 2020 Limited Exchange8th Anniversary Limited ExchangeRoad to Luster CampaignMission Pass Season 2
item-mat-grainne.png 閃機晶グラーニアLuminmech Grainne Crystal Stil, Puras, Cras Title: Divide Quest 3M points per week.Title: Clear Divide Quest Step 35.Divide Medal Shop.Prize Medal Shop.Mission Pass Season 3.ARKS Connect Memories Individual Point RewardMission Pass Season 1Mission Pass Season 2
item-mat-graeae.png 神眼石グライアイDivine Eyestone Graeae Cras Title:Defeat Primordial Darkness 50 times50F first clear reward on Ultimate Quest SodamMission Pass Season 4

Weapon Affix

I personally go for a 6 to 7 slot easy-to-achieve affix. Adding damage like S1:Augment Intent is a common option, but I prefer increased PP efficiency, especially since Wand requires it.

Slot Name / Item Location Description
  S1: Photon Descent 2S1:光子縮減2S1:Photon Reduction 2S1追加:光子縮減2S1 Add:Photon Reduction 2 Endless QuestsUQ Masquerade Grants -10% PP Cost.
  S1: Goliathslayer's WillS1:強闘の志S1:Powering Intent Grants 104% damage to bosses.Considering most raid content is against boss, you can pick this as a cheap alternative to boost your damage.
  S1: PetalgleamS1:花ノ赤閃S1:Red Petal FlashS1追加:花ノ赤閃S1 Add:Red Petal Flash ★15 Hard Cross Bullet Increases damage by 3% for 30s after inflictiong 450K damageEffect resets when you swap weapon, even to another Petalgleam weapon.
  S2: Timeflow GraceS2:時流の恵S2:Flowing GraceS2追加:時流の恵S2 Add:Flowing Grace UH E-Trial RewardUH Mama-DeusPSO2es Quick Search Grants a persistent 10 PP regeneration every 4s.
  S2: Goliathslayer's WillS2:強闘の志S2:Powering Intent ★13 Mars Series Grants 103% damage to bosses.
  S2:Rainbow WillS2:六色の志S2:Rainbow's IntentS2追加:六色の志S2 Add:Rainbow's Intent Divide Quest Grants 105% damage if Petalgleam (Red Petal Flash) is active.Also works with any other Gleams.
  S3:時流の勇S3:Flowing CourageS3追加:時流の勇S3 Add:Flowing Courage UH Armada Grants automatic Shifta every 14s.
  S1: Goliathslayer's WillS3:強闘の志S3:Powering Intent White Day 2020 Grants 104% damage to bosses.
  S3: Axiom WillS3:活実の志S3:Vital IntentS3追加:活実の志S3 Add:Vital Intent ★15 Anacates SeriesUH E-Trial RewardUH Mama-Deus Grants 103% damage if HP is more than 80%.
  S3: Petalsea Song 2S3:花海雪の歌2S3:Nature's Melody 2S3追加:花海雪の歌2S3 Add:Nature's Melody 2 Divide Quest Grants a maximum of 107% damage over 15s if Petalgleam (Red Petal Flash) is active.Also works with Seagleam (Blue Ocean Flash) and Snowgleam (White Snow Flash).Currently very expensive.
  S4:強闘輝与S4:Colossal RadianceS4追加:強闘輝与S4 Add:Colossal Radiance UH Elder Grants a persistent 40 PP regeneration every 10s when there's a boss nearby.
  S4: Photon V AdaptationS4:輝器応変S4:Radiant Response ★14 Atlas Spear Grants increase in natural and active PP regen and reduce PP cost by (PP-120) * 0.1%.A powerful S4 if you chose to have a giant amount of PP.
  S4: Rainbow BalanceS4:六色の輝秤S4:Harmonized RainbowS4追加:六色の輝秤S4 Add:Harmonized Rainbow Grants 30% PP cut, but also reduces natural PP regen by 30% when Petalgleam (Red Petal Flash) is activeAlso works with any other Gleams.This increases your PP efficiency a lot, especially on an Ayer.
  S5: Skillful Adept WillS5:妙の巧志S5:Mysterious Intent ★15 Liberate Gunslash Grants 102% critical damage, Increases critical hit rate by +20%, and drains 1% damage dealt as HP (30 max).The HP recovery will not work on Et, but the critical rate boost and damage will still help on Dual Saber.
  S5: Lightning PursuitS5:雷光追撃S5:Thundering Pursuit ★15 Liberate Dual Blade Grants additional lightning-like attack when using PA.Only works on Dual Blade.
  S5: Steadfast HarpoonS5:静心衝杖S5:Calming Shockwave ★15 Liberate Wand Grants 102% damage, an additonal attack on Normal Attack 3, and negates hitstop.Only works on Wand.The additional attack is similar to Lavis Cannon and recovers 15PP.
  Persona Reverieペルソナ・レヴリーPersona Reverie Grants 40 ATK.
  Might VIパワーⅥPower VI ★14 Dim Series (Strike) Grants 45 S-ATK.
  Precision VIシュートⅥShoot VI ★14 Dim Series (Ranged) Grants 45 R-ATK.
  Casting VIテクニックⅥTechnique VI ★14 Dim Series (Tech) Grants 45 T-ATK.
  Astral Soulアストラル・ソールAstral Soul ★13 Ray series★13 Union series Grants 35 ATK, 35 HP and 5 PP.
  Phrase Decayフレイズ・ディケイPhrase Decay ★13 Basilis series Grants 105% damage against target with Jellen.More preferable for party-content as there's bound to be a Phantom or Luster in the area.
  Phrase Weakフレイズ・ウィークPhrase Weak ★13 Fornis series★13 Homura series Grants 102% damage against target with matching elemental weakness as the weapon.
  グランド・スピリタGrand Spirita特殊能力(グランドPP)Add Ability (Grand PP) Grants 15 PP.

Damage Evaluation

You can evaluate how well you are doing damage by the following:
Parameter Okay Good Great!
Damage Tally Practice Rockbear20 seconds, Standing StillNo drinks or tree or any boosts. 3M Damage 4M Damage 5M Damage
Damage Tally Practice RockbearFree, Standing StillNo drinks or tree or any boosts. 18M damage in 120s 24M damage in 120s 30M damage in 120s
Clear XH Solo Trigger Profound Darkness Tree boost and drink only. Less than 9:30 Less than 7:00 Less than 5:30
Clear UQ Masquerade Tree boost and drink only. Less than 1:00 Less than 45s Less than 30s


You seriously use Recommended Setting for Etoile skill tree?

Yes, it turned out to have exact same setup as my Et tree. I discovered it when I wanted to reset one of my alt character's Et tree: out of curiosity I picked Recommended Setting before intending to reset, but it turned out to be the exact same tree I am using for my main character. So hey, same tree! No need for reset pass!

I just got my first Graeae / Amphitrite / Key / Chronos, what weapon type should I make?

Make your favorite type, but do consider the possibility of said weapon being passed on to your alts: DS to Fighters, DB/Soaring Blades to Bouncers, and Wand to Techers.

What attack augment/affix type should I use?

You should go full MEL/S-ATK. Despite having Wand, all Etoile attacks are calculated using MEL/S-ATK. Etoile do have innate skill to use which augment is higher on the Wand (it picks the highest between MEL/S-ATK and TEC/T-ATK), but it's only for said Wand; the base calculation sill goes for your MEL/S-ATK augments on units.

Demo Videos

Versus Varuna in Story Mode

Versus Varuna and Mitra in 30F Divide Quest

Versus Primoridal Darkness

Ultimate Quest Sodam 40F


Should you require aid in-game, you can contact Manaka, her player name is VateVierge. If you want to chat on discord, feel free to contact me at Perseonn#7731!