This guide was made by Buster WolfBuster Wolf.

This will list the requirements to get the characters Lv. 10 weapon as well as strategy if one is needed.

  • The characters weapon must be Lv. 9.
  • The difficulty must be set to Hard.
  • These can be done in free mode where the territory is mentioned to find the stage or musou mode. Some can only be obtained in musou mode, namely 3 from Shu (Zhuge Liang, Ma Chao & Jiang Wei) & Zhang Liao in Lu Bus musou mode.
  • In cases where sub officers are involved if you defeat the main officer, but still manage to defeat the sub officer who is nearby before they retreat it will still meet the requirement.
  • If using 2 players as long as one player meets the requirements the weapon will appear.
  • Becareful if using the Lightning Orb for elemental attacks as it can take your kill which won't count for weapons.
  • I never mention what Harness to use, but it will always be Shadow Harness due to not being knocked off when struck.
  • If using mixjoy with 4:XL these become harder due to the improved AI, so decide between the two methods.

Shu Weapons

Zhao Yun

Guan Yu

Weapon Name: Blue Moon Dragon
Power: +57
Territory - Stage: Xiang Yang - Battle of Fan Castle (Shu Forces)
Requirement: When Mi Fang & Fu Shi Ren defect, defeat all Wu officers.

Zhang Fei

Weapon Name: Viper Blade
Power: +58
Territory - Stage: Nan Territory - Battle of Chang Ban (Liu Bei's Forces)

  • Accompany Liu Bei to cross the bridge and do Zhang Feis Bridge Yell event.
  • "Liu Chan, Liu Bei's infant son, is still inside the central fortress!" message, ride to the location on horse and break the box to view the event.
  • Defeat Xiahou Yuan while Zhao Yun is still alive.

You will want to defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou En & Xiahou De to keep Zhao Yun alive longer. When crossing the bridge make sure Liu Bei goes first, if you go before him the Bridge Yell event will not happen and thus weapon lost. For the Bridge Yell event you will have to wait for enemies to get close to you for it to happen, you must also be standing on the bridge.

Zhuge Liang

Weapon Name: Peacock Feather
Power: +50
Stage: Shu Musou Mode - Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Prerequisite: Clear Battle of Jie Ting.

  • Approach Zhang He, wait for the Arbalest event to take out the crossbowmen, defeat Zhang He & do the Taunt Sima Yi event.
  • Protect the supply unit when they appear and defeat Xiahou Dun.
  • "The supply unit has cleared the front lines!" message.

Suggested Items: Tiger Amulet, Wind Scroll, Tortoise Amulet, Peacock Urn + your choices.
You must make sure to do the Taunt Sima Yi event after you defeat Zhang He so you will need to lure him away from the top of the path. Xiahou Dun has to be defeated before the supply unit clears the front lines which gives you 2 minutes, all of this happens around the left fort. The supply unit doesn't appear in Free Mode.

Liu Bei

Ma Chao

Huang Zhong

Jiang Wei

Wei Yan

Pang Tong

Weapon Name: Tornado Staff
Power: +51
Territory - Stage: Cheng Du - Battle of Luo Castle (Liu Bei's Forces)

  • Ride up to Luo Castle to get a message about it not opening its gates, then defeat either Liu Han or Zhang Yi.
  • Proceed with the plan to capture Zhang Ren by approaching the castle to anger him which will cause him to chase you.
  • Do not duel him and lead him to the Northern bridge South of the castle.
  • Jin Yan Bridge gets destroyed, Zhang Ren will start to retreat, defeat Zhang Ren.

You can damage Zhang Ren as much as you want, but you must wait for him to mention retreating to defeat him, do it too early and you will not get the weapon.

Yue Ying

Weapon Name: Oblivion
Power: +53
Territory - Stage: Nan Zhong - The Nanman Campaign (Shu Forces)

  • Defeat all officers except Wu Tugu, Dong Tu Ne & Ahui Nan.
  • Defeat Meng Huo 6 times including in a duel at appearance 5.
  • Defeat Zhu Rong in a duel.
  • Defeat Wu Tugu using Zhuge Liangs strategy.

This is not as bad as it seems if you can manage to keep Meng Huos morale low so that none of your allies have to worry about dying. You have to defeat Meng Huo and Zhu Rong in a duel or you won't get the weapon. Wu Tugu has to be approached for him to move, Zhuge Liangs fire attack must be what kills him.

Wei Weapons

Xiahou Dun

Dian Wei

Xu Zhu

Cao Cao

Xiahou Yuan

Weapon Name:
Power: +5
Territory - Stage: -
Suggested Items:

Zhang Liao

Weapon Name: Gold Wyvern
Power: +56
Stage: Lu Bu Musou Mode - Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Prerequisite: During Battle of Si Shui Gate defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao & Liu Bei.

  • Do not defeat anyone until the fire attack which happens when you run towards Sun Jian, Cao Cao and Liu Bei.
  • Defeat Sun Jian, Cao Cao & Liu Bei.

The enemy fire attack doesn't happen in Free Mode.

Sima Yi

Weapon Name: Dark Feather
Power: +50
Territory - Stage: Wu Zhang Plaing - Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Wei Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Zhang Yi, Wei Yan, Guan Xing & Ma Chao. Zhuge Liangs fake death event triggers.
Suggested Items: Tiger Amulet, Wind Scroll, Elixir, Tortoise Amulet, Peacock Urn + your choice.
If you defeat Ma Su before Guan Xing or Ma Chao you will not get the weapon message.

Xu Huang

Weapon Name: Marauder
Power: +57
Territory - Stage: Guan Du - Battle of Guan Du (Cao Cao's Forces)

  • Defeat Yan Liang & Wen Chou before Guan Yu does.
  • Guan Yu & Liu Bei meet and retreat.
  • Let Bai Ma fall causing Cao Cao to close Guan Du Castle gates.
  • Wait for the enemy to reach Guan Du Castle causing Rams to appear.
  • Wu Chao supply depot gets discovered and protect Cao Cao while he makes his way there and enter after him.
  • Defeat Chunyu Qiong and wait for Guan Du walls to fall then defeat Lu Wei Kuang.
  • Zhang He defects to Wei.

If you have events off you need to wait until the walls are crumbling message appears twice.

Zhang He

Zhen Ji

Weapon Name: Dark Moon Flute
Power: +51
Territory - Stage: Nan Territory - Battle of Chang Ban (Cao Cao's Forces)

  • Defeat Zhao Yun in a duel.
  • Activate Zhang Feis Bridge Yell event then defeat him in a duel.
  • Defeat Zhuge Liang & Guan Yu.

Liu Bei needs to cross the bridge for Zhang Fei to do his yell, if you approach him earlier the event won't happen and he won't duel you. If you head too far down (the center section under the bridges of the middle area) the navy will arrive earlier making it harder to get the weapon as Liu Bei can escape even if Guan Yu is defeated.

Cao Ren

Wu Weapons

Zhou Yu

Weapon Name: Ancients Sword
Power: +54
Territory - Stage: Xiang Yang - The Siege of Fan Castle (Wu Forces)
Requirement: At 10:20 into the battle an enemy convoy appears in the top right corner of the map making it's way to the Castle entrance on the right, defeat it before it gets there.

Lu Xun

Taishi Ci

Sun Shang Xiang

Weapon Name: Sol Chakram
Power: +51
Territory - Stage: Nan Territory - Race for Nan Territory (Allied Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Cao Ren.
Defeat Wang Lang and enter the castle which should cause Zhou Yu to be shot by an arrow in an event. After awhile Cao Ren will fall for Zhou Yus ploy and charge.

Sun Jian

Sun Quan

Lu Meng

Gan Ning

Weapon Name: Sea Master
Power: +56
Territory - Stage: Chi Bi - Battle of Xia Kou (Sun Jian's Forces)

  • Go straight for Su Fei & Gan Ning/Chen Sheng and defeat them.
  • Wait until Huang Zu has moved the flagship near your camp, then wait for Zhou Yu to mention the boat having Gunpowder kegs & destroy it.
  • Defeat all officers except Huang Zu while Ling Cao & Ling Tong are still alive before Huang Zus flagship is in flames.
  • "Huang Zu's flagship is in flames after colliding with another ship!" message.

In Free Mode it'll be Gan Ning while Musou Mode it'll be Chen Sheng. You must not defeat anyone before Su Fei & Gan Ning/Chen Sheng. If Ling Tong doesn't arrive as reinforcements you will not get the weapon as both he & Ling Cao need to be on the field, you can get Ling Tong to arrive by having Ling Cao lose some health. You have 3 minutes to defeat the rest of the officers after the burning ship leaves.

Huang Gai

Sun Ce

Da Qiao

Weapon Name: Qiao Beauty
Power: +50
Territory - Stage: Xu Chang - Battle of Xu Chang (Wu Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Deng Ai, Hu Zhi & Dian Wei.

Xiao Qiao

Weapon Name: Qiao Grace
Power: +50
Territory - Stage: Cheng Du - Battle of Cheng Du (Wu Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Ma Su then defeat Guan Ping and Guan Yu before Ma Chao appears as reinforcements.
Guan Ping appears as an ambush troop in the top half of the forest near the Gate Captain close to Zhuge Liang while Guan Yu appears at the bottom path. Ma Chao appears 4 minutes after Ma Su has been defeated.

Zhou Tai

Weapon Name: Dusk
Power: +55
Territory - Stage: Nan Zhong - The Nanman Campaign (Wu Forces)
Requirements: Defeat Wu Tugu & enter the enemy main camp before Dong Tu Ne & Ahui Nan defect.
A horse is recommended for this. Dong Tu Ne & Ahui Nan won't defect unless a number of Nanman officers have been defeated so just rush straight for Wu Tugu.

Others Weapons

Diao Chan

Lu Bu

Weapon Name: Sky Scorcher
Power: +60
Territory - Stage: Nan Yang - Lu Bu's Revolt (Lu Bu's Forces)
Requirement: Dong Zhuo is the only enemy alive.
Simple objective, if Dong Zhuo is the only enemy on the field and you haven't gotten the weapon yet then there are still some ambush troops you haven't found and defeated yet. Officers & sub-officers must be personally defeated by you and Dong Zhuo must be by himself with no troops around him including no Gate Captains.

Dong Zhuo

Yuan Shao

Zhang Jiao

Weapon Name: Volcano Staff
Power: +52
Territory - Stage: Ji Province - The Yellow Turban Rebellion (Yellow Turbans)
Requirement: Defeat all officers and sub-officers except Dong Zhuo with Zhang Bao & Zhang Liang alive.
Suggested Items: Tiger Amulet, Wind Scroll, Tortoise Amulet, Charge Brace + your choice.

Meng Huo

Weapon Name: King of Beasts
Power: +58
Territory - Stage: Cheng Du - Battle of Cheng Du (Nanman Forces)
Requirement: Defeat all playable officers except Liu Bei (Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wei, Zhao Yun, Yue Ying, Ma Chao & Guan Yu).
Suggested Items: Tiger Amulet, Wind Scroll, Tortoise Amulet + your choice.
Ma Chao appears as reinforcements in the top castle, Guan Yu appears as an ambush in the bottom path of the forest.

Zhu Rong

Weapon Name: Inferno
Power: +53
Territory - Stage: Xu Chang - Battle of Xu Chang (Nanman Forces)

  • Defeat Man Chong to cause the Seige Ramp to appear.
  • Defeat Cao Hong and any troops around until it finishes setting up.
  • Defeat Xiahou Dun & Cao Zhang.

Suggested Items: Orb: Ice, Tiger Amulet, Wind Scroll, Tortoise Amulet, Elixir, Herbal Remedy.
Cao Zhang is Xu Zhus sub-officer so you will need to make sure not to defeat Xu Zhu first. This setup is mainly for strong C4 & C6s, if an enemy officer gets frozen you can musou close to them to kill them.

Edit Character Weapons


Weapon Name: Fu Xi's Sword
Power: +57
Territory - Stage: Ji Province - The Yellow Turban Rebellion (Han Forces)
Requirement: Defeat all enemy officers.
Sub-officers aren't required, if in Musou Mode and The Yellow Turban Menace and or The Yellow Turban Fortress were cleared they reduce the number of enemy officers to defeat.


Weapon Name: Nu Wa's Rapier
Power: +52
Territory - Stage: Xu Province - The Yellow Turban Menace (Han Forces)
Requirement: Defeat He Yi & Yan Zheng.
He Yi will ambush Huangfu Song when the Rainstorm is triggered, this happens when either 3 generals are defeated or you reach the top of the map north of the castle wall. Yan Zheng will ambush He Yi when he leaves the castle through the Northeast exit.


Weapon Name: Phoenix Tail
Power: +54
Territory - Stage: Guan Du - The Yellow Turban Fortress (Han Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Bo Zhang, Zhou Cang & Cheng Yuanzhi or He Yi, Pei Yuan Shao & Cheng Yuanzhi in under 6 minutes.
Basically pick one side and finish it and Cheng Yuanzhi within 6 minutes.


Weapon Name: Typhoon
Power: +55
Territory - Stage: Xu Chang - Battle of Si Shui Gate (Allied Forces)

  • Defeat Fan Chou to take the Supply Depot.
  • Defeat Hua Xiong and Li Jues sub-officers.
  • Defeat Zhang Liao after he appears as backup.

If Li Jue is the only officer left he will try to flee, as long as he's not alone he will stay still. Zhang Liao appears roughly at the 5 minute mark.


Weapon Name: Eclipse
Power: +56
Territory - Stage: Luo Yang - Battle of Hu Lao Gate (Allied Forces)
Requirement: Defeat Lu Bu.
Doesn't have to be in a duel.

Easing the AI

Finding weapon hard to get due to the AI being too aggressive (which they can be specailly for those using mixjoy)? Here's a way to make them less aggressive making these be easier.

Start the stage on Hard (or Expert for Mixjoy) and make a save immediately, go to the options and change the difficulty to Easy (or Beginner for Mixjoy) and start a different stage with any character. After the stage has loaded in battle soft reset (Start+Select) and go back and continue to your original save, enemies will now be more passive.