A few people might have seen the image version of the Su Guide I have made before. This guide is intended to be the comprehensive HTML version of it. This guide was made by Perseonn BalthasaarPerseonn Balthasaar.

Summoner Basics

A summoner is a class that utilizes pet to inflict damage at enemies. The pets are basically the summoner’s weapon, with their own stats and Photon Arts. Pets are most damaging when using Summoner main as the class have a couple of ways to raise the pet damage. Being a Summoner is more expensive compared to other classes: instead of eating up your assets, it will directly eat your meseta.

Early Levels

  • Pick Summoner Class
  • Sell everything, except your Takt
  • Buy a 7★ Light-elemental Torim Egg (トリムエッグ) with Dilligent (がんばりや) personality, use the egg to obtain a Torim.
  • Turn your Wanda back to egg at Pet Shop
  • Feed said Wanda egg to Torim
  • Any other EXP Egg goes to Torim
  • Set Torim Stab in your pet attack
  • Activate Alter Ego and Point Assist
  • Enjoy getting to L50 with just 1 attack

Basic Pet Building

Hatching a Pet

Use an Egg from inventory to hatch a pet


Personality is similar to weapon potential. Changing personality can be hard or impossible as it requires egg of at least the same rarity.

  • Pets have their own rarity
    • Rarity can be upgraded at Ariel
      • You may be able to change personality
    • Rarity determines maximum level of pet
    • Higher rarity means the more powerful the pet can become
      • 6★ = Lv. 60
      • 7★ = Lv. 65
      • 8★ = Lv. 70
      • 9★ = Lv. 75
      • 10★ = Lv. 85
      • 11★ = Lv. 90
      • 12★ = Lv. 100 (Limit Break to 110, ask Pietro)
      • 13★ = Lv. 100 (Limit Break to 120, ask Pietro)
  • Pets starts with 10 Attribute value
    • Can be raised to 50 using Pancakes
    • 13★ pets can be raised to 60
    • Changing Attribute can be costly
      • Requires 1 Attribute Change
    • Light element is the least costly
      • Changing to Light element is costly
      • Changing to other element is less costly
  • Level up pet by using “Egg Synthesis” on Pet menu
      • You can use EXP Eggs or other Pet Eggs
      • Summoner Main class will have a steady drop of EXP Eggs
  • Pet raising is costly; unless you have the resource, stick to raising one pet at a time

Notable NPCs

Ariel the Pet Lab Attendant

  • Location: Shop Area, next to Monica / Dudu
  • Facilitates various pet enhancement activities
  • Candy Compression
    • Reduces the size of candies
    • Requires Grinders for 12★ or less candies
    • Requires Lambda Grinders for 13★ candies
  • Pet Goods Shop
    • Exchange various items to obtain candies and tools
    • You can exchange for Candy Eraser and Caramel Crusher
    • You can also exchange the expensive Candy Remover
  • Evolve Pet Rarity
    • Increases pet’s rarity
    • Can also change personality
      • Egg used to change personality must be the same rarity or higher
    • Can evolve Torim to Aero, Cery to Popple, and Wanda to Jinga
      • Evolved Aero / Popple / Jinga cannot revert to their previous form
      • Example: 7★ Torim is evolved to 10★ Aero
        • You’ll need a 11★ or higher Aero egg to enhance its rarity
        • You cannot use a 12★ Torim egg to enhance Aero’s rarity

Pietro the Summoner

  • Location: Gate Area, next to Echo, near Class Counter
  • The mentor for Summoner Class
  • Facilitates Limit Break for 12★ and 13★ petsC
    • Pet needs to be L100 to utilize Limit Break
    • Allows 12★ pet to attain Lv 110 and 13 ★ to Lv 120
    • Pet will grow depressingly slow above Lv 100
  • Notable Client Orders
    • They Grow Up So Fast! (Partner Card)
    • Become a Top-Notch Summoner (5 SP)
    • Let's Master the Summoner! (5 SP)
    • Summoner Supremacy I, II, III, and IV (1 SP each)
    • My Gallant Wanda! (Two Layer Pancake)
    • My Gallant Jinga! (Vin-Spi Candy Stick)
    • My Gallant Popple! (Critical Candy Stick)

Notable Skills
Pet Switch Strike and Pet Switch Shoot
※ Allow S-ATK or R-ATK to be used intead of T-ATK
※ Take if character’s S-ATK or R-ATK is higher than T-ATK
※ Only change the formula used to calculate damage
※ Pet damage is always Tech
※ Only one can be activated