Basics Summoner

Summoner Basics
Summoner Basics

A summoner is a class that utilizes pets to inflict damage at enemies. The pets are basically the summoner’s weapon, with their own stats and Photon Arts (PA). Pets are most damaging when using Summoner main as the class have a couple of ways to raise the pet damage. Being a Summoner is relatively more expensive compared to other classes: instead of eating up your assets, it will directly eat your Meseta, time, and your precious SG.

Starting as Summoner

Getting Started
Getting Started

If you're new, you should follow the ARKS Mission since it will lead you to these 3 important things: Meeting Pietro, Meeting Ariel, and doing the Summoner Tutorial Quest

Meeting Pietro

Pietro is located on the Gate Area; he is mentor for Summoner Class. Activities you can do with Pietro includes:

  • Request Limit Break, for rarity ★12 and above.
    • Pet needs to be L100 to utilize Limit Break
    • Allows ★12 pet to attain L110, ★13 to L120, ★14 to L130
    • Pet will grow depressingly slow above L100

Pietro's Client Orders

Client Order Reward
How Quickly They Grow!我が子の成長を見つめあおう!They Grow Up So Fast! Pietro's Partner Card
一流サモナーの条件とは!Become a Top-Notch Summoner 5 Summoner SP
サモナーを極めようじゃないか!Let's Master the Summoner! 5 Summoner SP
サモナーの極致を追及Summoner Supremacy 1 Summoner SP each, requires a total of 10 Su Excubes
Wanda Gets to Work!ワンダの勇姿を僕に!My Gallant Wanda! Double Stack Pancake2段パンケーキTwo Layer Pancake
Commence the Jinga-lin'!ジンガの勇姿を僕に!My Gallant Jinga! Vinculum Spir CaneウィンスピアメVin-Spi Candy Stick
Popple Pops Off!ポップルの勇姿を僕に! My Gallant Popple! Critical CaneクリティカルアメCritical Candy Stick
グラスの勇姿を僕に! My Gallant Grass! 超きあいパフェSuper Bolster Parfait
バルカンの勇姿を僕に! My Gallant Vulcan! 超ぜいたくパフェSuper Luxury Parfait

Meeting Ariel

Ariel is in in the Shop Area, next to Monica / Dudu; she facilitates various pet enhancement activities. Activities that you can do with Ariel includes:
Pet Lab Description
Sweets Compression Reduces the size of candies.Requires Grinders for ★12 or lower candies, requires Lambda Grinders for ★13 candies.
Pet Goods Shop Exchange various items to obtain candies and tools.You can exchange for Grinders for Sweets Dissolver (キャンディーイレイサー Candy Eraser) and Excubes for Caramel Crusher (キャラメルクラッシャー).
Evolve Pet Rarity Increases pet rarity with another egg of same or higher rarity.Also used to change pet's personality.More info on pet's rarity below.
Return Pet to Egg Destroy their entire sweets box.Returned pet egg will be untradable.If you hatch a returned egg, it will respawn all the Caramel Cubes and have zeroed feed count

Summoner Tutorial Quest

Check the Tutorial Quests on Quest Counter to know the basic way on how Summoner fights.

Summoner Mag

Mag Basics
Mag Basics

At a certain point early in the game, you will get a Mag. If you are to use Summoner as-is. You will want a 200 TEC/T-ATK Mag (unless you plan to sub Bouncer or Phantom, see below). Only increase the TEC on your mag, and nothing else.

Although Summoner can use MEL/SATK or RNG/R-ATK for pets, focusing on TEC is easier for the endgame:

  • TEC affixes are relatively cheaper than the other two.
  • Mag will have PP Restore J action which boosts PP regeneration at certain interval. While unreliable, it's helpful when active.
  • Resta, or healing depends on TEC only.
  • Rappy Melody's heals depends on their and character's TEC.
  • Rykros Staff's Sinister Stare (Glance of Darkness) depends on character's TEC.
It's easier to just use TEC/T-ATK Mag! Just fill your Mag with tech weapon like Staff, Wand, Talis, or Jet Boots, and reduce its DEX by feeding it with Mates or ★6 Room Goods!
MEL/S-ATK Mag is not recommended! It will only support Fi's Crazy Beat and will be obsolete once you use Phantom sub! Don't make a special mag just to support 1 skill! For a bit more info please see the FAQ!

Fixing Mag

Fixing Mag
Fixing Mag

If you messed up your mag's stat, you can fix them by using a Mag Level Down Device, which costs 5 Excubes. Excubes are rare commodities until you can do XH+ Quests which requires level 80+.

Getting Eggs via Collection Files (CF)

Collection File Eggs
Collection File Eggs

You can get decent eggs from Collection Files (CF) that Ms. Pudding provides. CF is basically killing specified target mobs until you gain a required item; once you obtained all required items, you will automatically get the reward item. For example, to get a ★13 Jinga from the Summoner Support CF, you need to obtain 6 items from killing any enemy, Mechs, and Blu Ringahda. This is very easy to do, particularly because all enemies required for the items can be found on the Quarry.

CF has few quirks including:

  • CF required item increase rate can be boosted by using Rare Drop Rate, Tri Boost, and anything that boosts rare drop
  • CF required item gauge will only increase if you clear the quest. If you kill enemies and abandon quest, the CF will not raise.
  • On normal circumstance, a CF required item will only drop if you start a quest at 100% gauge. Simply put, you need to have at least 2 runs for a CF item to drop: 1 run to max it to 100%, the other is to drop the items. If you start the quest with the gauge at 99.99%, the item will not drop and clearing the quest will simply put the gauge to 100%.
Wanda-Jinga has no particular weakness and is easy to use! If you see them on CF, grab them first!

Summoner Skill Tree

Summoner Skill Tree
Summoner Skill Tree

The table below lists all Summoner skills by priority.

Icon Skill Name Notes
skill-su-all-attack-up.png All Attack Bonus 1 / 2 Each skill multiplies damage by 115%, for a total of 132.25% damage (115% * 115%).
skill-su-pet-sympathy.png Pet Sympathy Main Class only.Pet will ask for Shifta during attacks (higher chance on E-Trials or when attacking bosses) and Resta when low on HP.Fulfilling Shifta request will multiply pet damage by 120% at L10, while Resta will double the amount of heal the pet receives.Lasts 90 seconds.
skill-su-pet-sympathy-up.png Harmonize Up Main Class only.Increase the chance of pet requesting Sympathy.At first, spend only 1 points until you get more SP to get 5.
skill-su-pet-sympathy-up.png Sympathy Time Main Class only. Increases the duration of Sympathy to be 180 seconds at L5.You will not want a gap in your Sympathy buff, since you are recommended to take 1 Harmonize Up.
skill-su-pet-sympathy-up.png Easy Sympathy Main Class only.Extends the window when pet asks for Sympathy by 10 seconds, making it 20 seconds total.This skill is crucial if you cannot fulfill Sympathy immediately, such as during downtime of bosses.
skill-su-long-distance.png Long Distance Love Main Class only.You can fulfill Sympathy needs even if the pet is far away.Only work on Sympathy request; you cannot use this to remote-Shifta your pet.
skill-su-point-assist.png Summoner's MarkPoint Assist Gives a mark on an enemy part.Upon hitting the said part, damage is multiplied by 115% for both pet and character.
skill-su-assist-share.png Assist Share Main Class only.Allows switched pet to retain all buffs of the previous pet.
skill-su-support-fire.png Enhanced MarkSupport Fire Increases damage to all parts of the enemy affected by point assist by 110%.If a part is marked with Point Assist and you have Support Fire, that part will take a total of 126.5% damage (115% * 110%).If you mark a part with Point Assist and you attack a different part, that different part will take 110% damage only.
skill-su-pet-elem-weak-hit.png Pet Elemental Precision HitPet Element Weak Hit Increases damage when attacking enemies with their elemental weakness.Pet attacks are multiplied by 110%, while character is multiplied by 105% instead.
skill-su-pet-elem-pp-restorate.png Pet Elemental PP Restorate Main class only.Increases PP gained with pet normal attacks when attacking enemies with their elemental weakness.This skill is required if you are to use high-output pets like Synchro.
skill-su-dear-master.png Dia MasterDear Master Main Class only.Character will gain invulnerability when receiving a damage that would kill them and the damage will be delivered to pet instead.This skill technically adds pet's HP to character's HP, making you more less immortal as long as you have a per out.Maxing this skill will remove a lot of "challenge" on higher level quest.
skill-su-alter-ego.png Alter Ego Main Class only.Multiplies damage by 120% for 60s, but you will also take a portion of damage that the pet takes.The transferred damage can be mitigated if the character is invulnerable, e.g. during Mirage Step.However, your character is not invulnerable during a knocked-down state. (leading to something I call "Summoner Blues").
skill-su-all-attack-up.png High Level Bonus Su Requires L80 Su.Multiplies all damage by 105%
skill-su-alter-ego-harmony.png Alter Ego Harmony Requires L85 Su.Main Class only, no SP required.Grants character super armor, status immunity, and massively cut all damage received by pet and character during Alter Ego.This skills adds extra breathing space for low defense pet and make high defense pet practically invulnerable.
skill-su-hp-up.png HP Up / Mega UpHP Up / High Up Increases HP.Do not max either skill unless your Summoner skill tree is for sub-classing.
skill-su-hp-restorate.png HP Restorate Recovers a portion of HP every 5 seconds after a certain threshold.Do not max this unless your Summoner skill tree is for sub-classing; on a sub tree, this skill works wonders!
skill-su-pet-recovery.png Pet Recovery Main class only.Recovers a small percentage of pet HP every 5 seconds.Between the must-take 3 SP and maxed 5 SP, there's only 1% difference.
skill-su-all-attack-up.png Total Attack Up / Mega UpAll Attack Up / High Up Grants 200 MEL-RNG-TEC/S-R-T-ATK if you spend all 15 points in it.
skill-su-pet-photon-barrier.png Pet Photon Barrier At L5, gives 10% chance to negate damage.This can be a lifesaver for pets with lesser durability, like Torim, Aero, Synchro, Or Redran
skill-su-pp-up.png PP Up 1 / 2 Increases maximum PP.Dump the rest of your SP here.
skill-su-all-defense-up.png Total Defense Up / Mega UpAll Defense Up / High Up Grants 200 MEL-RNG-TEC/S-R-T-DEF and DEX by 100 if you spend all 15 points in it.Only take if you use Su as a sub class.
skill-su-quick-recovery.png Quick Recovery Reduces the time of bad status effect on character. Not really worth it.
skill-su-massive-mate.png Unstoppable RecoveryMassive Mate Prevent flinching and reduces damage when using Mate items.Not worth it at all since you can create an Atomizer Lover Ring which grants you invulnerability instead.
skill-su-reserve-recovery.png Reserve Recovery Increases the recovery speed of non-active pet.This can be handy, but unfortunately, it doesn't shorten pet's stunned duration.
skill-su-pet-switch-strike.pngskill-su-pet-switch-shoot.png Pet Switch Strike Main Class only.Allows MEL/S-ATK or RNG/R-ATK to be used in damage formula instead of TEC/T-ATK.Only change the formula used to calculate pet damage; pet damage is always Tech.Does not affect Sinister Stare (Glance of Darkness) or any other damage other than one produced by pet.
skill-su-pb-advance.png Advanced Photon BlastPB Advance Increases PB power.Does nothing if you have Ketos Proi.
Are you new? Checkout the recommended tree below or click here to see the skill simulator version! 

Recommended Skill Tree

You can follow this skill progression that's guaranteed to get all of the essential skills for Summoner main. This applies to both PSO2 NA and PSO2 Jp.
Level Skills
1 to 5 HP Up (0 → 1)HP Restorate (0 → 1)All Attack Bonus 1 (0 → 3)
6 to 10 All Attack Bonus 1 (3 → 5)Pet Sympathy (0 → 3)Sidestep Jump
11 to 15 Harmonize Up (0 → 1)Easy Sympathy (0 → 1)Long Distance Love (0 → 1)All Attack Bonus 2 (0 → 2)
16 to 20 All Attack Bonus 2 (2 → 5)Summoner's Mark / Point Assist (0 → 2)First Arts Perfect/JA Addition
21 to 25 Summoner's Mark / Point Assist (2 → 5)Enhanced Mark / Support Fire (0 → 1)Assist Share (0 → 1)
26 to 30 Pet Recovery (0 → 3)Pet Elemental Precision / Weak Hit (0 → 1)Pet Elemental PP Restorate ( → 1)Air ReversalPerfect/J Recovery
31 to 35 Summoner's Mark / Point Assist (5 → 10)Sympathy Time (0 → 5)Clear Pietro's first 5 SP CO.
36 to 40 Pet Elemental Precision / Weak Hit (1 → 5)Alter Ego (0 → 1)Double / Next Jump
41 to 45 Pet Elemental PP Restorate (1 → 5)Alter Ego (1 → 2)
46 to 50 Dia / Dear Master (0 → 5)Pet Sympathy (3 → 6)Alter Ego (2 → 4)Clear Pietro's second 5 SP CO.
51 to 55 Alter Ego (4 → 9)
56 to 60 Alter Ego (9 → 10)Pet Sympathy (6 → 10)
61 to 65 Total / All Attack Up (0 → 5)
66 to 70 Total / All Attack Mega Up (0 → 5)
71 to 75 Total / All Attack Mega Up (5 → 10)Harmonize Up (1 → 5)Clear Pietro's 1 SP CO 4 times.
76 to 80 High Level Bonus Su (0 → 5)
81 to 85 Pet Photon Barrier (0 → 5)Alter Ego Harmony
86 to 90 PP Up 1 (0 → 5)
91 to 95 PP Up 2 (0 → 5)
Be wary! The table up there is different from the Recommended Setting found on the skill counter!

Dia Master (Dear Master) Exploit

Exploiting the mechanic of Dear Master, can grant you infinite HP. I personally think this gives Summoner unfair advantage in "high difficulty quest" (which enemy just do excessive damage), but to each their own. Dear Master, as noted, transfers the damage to pet and gives you invulnerability, essentially adding pet's HP to yours. This redirected damage can be mitigated:

  • Triggering Maron/Melon's Fierce personality that recovers HP (by extension, also their Cute personality)
  • Triggering Jinga's Fervent personality (by extension, also their Powerful personality)

This will allow you to counter and subdue aggressive bosses like Phaleg or Omega Masquerade easily, especially since healing to pet is rarely nerfed.

Pet Raising

Pet Raising
Pet Raising

Your pet has a different mechanics that that of a normal weaponry. Here, pet raising will be discussed from the basic topics like its parameters, to the more advanced topics, like its candy box.

Pet's Properties

Pet has several important properties, from Rarity, Personality, Elemental Attribute, and Pet Plus.

A window displaying egg information.
A window displaying egg information.

Rarity and Rarity Upgrade

Pet Evolution
Pet Evolution

A pet has a rarity that determines their highest level. Rarity can be upgraded at the Pet Lab if you have a higher rarity egg of the same species (i.e. You can only increase rarity of a ★7 Viola with a ★8 Viola). Once a pet reaches L100, you can Limit Break them by asking Pietro for free.
Rarity Max Level Limit Break
★6 L60 No
★7 L65 No
★8 L70 No
★9 L75 No
★10 L85 No
★11 L90 No
★12 L110 Yes
★13 L120 Yes
★14 L130 Yes

Rarity upgrade also allows you to change pet's personality, provided the fodder egg has different personality and at least of the same rarity.

Wanda, Trim, and Sally can be rarity upgraded to Jinga, Aero, and Popple, respectively. Be warned that if you say, evolve Wanda to Jinga, you need another Jinga Egg to rarity upgrade it. There are no reason to pick Wanda over Jinga, Trim over Aero, or Sally over Popple. Jinga, Aero, and Popple are superior in every aspects, unless your Wanda, Torim, and Cery are ★14.

Rarity upgrade and pet evolution can only be done on Ariel's Item Lab! Don't feed that expensive high evolution egg to your main pet, it will only raise it's EXP!


Personality is similar to weapon potential. They have varied effect, but most prominent is increasing damage. Personality has 5 levels and is automatically raised as pet levels up (Pet L100 is where you can attain L5 Personality). Pets up to ★13 rarity have a preferred personality, as shown below; but this becomes irrelevant once pet reaches ★14 rarity, which gives it a third personality that combines both personality. Changing personality can be hard or impossible as it requires egg of at least the same rarity.

Icon Pet Preferred ★13 Personality ★14 Personality
item-egg-jinga.png Wanda / Jinga Sunny晴れ好きEnjoys Sun パワフルPowerful
item-egg-aero.png Trim / Aero IndustriousがんばりやDiligent エリートElite
item-egg-popple.png Sally / Popple ExpeditiousてきぱきAdept ポップPop
item-egg-maron.png Maron Underdog逆境Adverse キュートCute
item-egg-melon.png Melon Indefatigableやせ我慢 Fierce キュートCute
item-egg-rappy.png Rappy Early BirdはやおきEarly Bird
item-egg-viola.png Viola Show-off目立ちたがりPoser エレガントElegant
item-egg-synchro.png Synchro Thoughtfulなかま思いDevoted ジェントルGentle
item-egg-redran.png Redran RambunctiousあばれんぼうRowdy ロックRock
item-egg-grass.png Grass ジーニアスGenius
item-egg-vulcan.png Vulcan アグレッシブAggressive

"Very" (超 Super)" personality (e.g. Very Thoughtful) will have an additional effect of raising Rare Drop Rate by 5%. "Very" personality's effect is included on a pet's ★14 personality. Please note that "Very" personality is not worth the price. If you can get one for free, feel free use it (or sell it), else don't bother with it.

Ensure you have the personality you want! Changing personality requires rarity upgrade, which needs same or higher rarity egg!

Elemental Attribute

Pets starts with a 10 attribute value that is visible upon viewing the egg. Ideally, you will want the default attribute to be Light. You can change attribute by putting Lemonade in the Candy Box, but changing to Light Attribute is very costly. Attribute can be raised by putting Pancakes. Pets with ★12 rarity or below will have a maximum of 50 attribute, while a ★13 or above will have 60 attribute.

Attribute directly affects pet damage. Let's say you have a pet with 1000 Pwr (any power type) with 50 Light attribute. While in the information screen the pet has 1000 ATK, it effectively has:

1000 Pwr + 50/100 * 1000 Pwr = 1500 Pwr

If the pet attacks a target which is weak to Light element, its effective attack will be:

1000 Pwr + 50/100 * 1.2 * 1000 Pwr = 1600 Pwr

And thus, raising element is the best way to increase overall pet's damage.

Always hatch a Light-attribute egg, since almost all raid bosses are weak to Light!

Level / Egg Synthesis

Level up pet by using Egg Synthesis on Pet menu. L1 pet is only as frightening as a Rappy Doll room item. A pet can be fed (synthesized) with an EXP Egg or another pet egg. If you are a Summoner main, you will have a steady drop of EXP Eggs. The Pet Lab can exchange grinders for ★6 EXP egg or Photon Sphere for ★12 EXP Egg.

Use Synthesis Charge to boost the EXP gained from eggs! However, it will cost 10 SG each for the first 3 times, and also use high-rarity eggs only, like ★12 EXP Egg.

Pet Plus

A pet has extra HP, MEL-RNG-TEC/S-R-T ATK and DEX to be raised. This is called Pet Plus, as seen on the figure below.

A Pet Plus of a Rappy, not yet maximized.
A Pet Plus of a Rappy, not yet maximized.

Each pet type has a different plus value cap; any Wanda will have same the same cap, but a Jinga will have different cap than Wanda. Pet Plus can make or break pet: Rappy is quite weak without its all stat +250 Pet Plus cap. Plus value will usually be close-to-maxed, if not maxed, once they reach L130 by feeding random Pet eggs.

Feeding another pet egg to increase the Pet Plus.
Feeding another pet egg to increase the Pet Plus.

Power Synthesis

If you want to quickly raise your Pet Plus value, you can use this method:

  • Hatch a low rarity egg you don't use, lets call this fodder pet.
  • Feed the fodder pet with another egg to increase it's pet plus value.
  • Return the fodder pet back to egg.
  • Feed the fodder egg to your main pet and gain much more pet plus with the cost of use 1 synthesis slot!
Gain a lot of pet plus!
Gain a lot of pet plus!

Sweets Box (Candy Box)

Sweets Box is akin to putting affix to regular weapons or units. A pet always starts with a 8x8 Sweets Box that is filled with Gelatin Cube (Blue), Caramel Cube (Orange), and Paper Cube (Gray). Each pet type has a different box layout, for the exception of Wanda-Jinga, Trim-Aero, and Sally-Popple, and Redran-Grass.

Below is an example of a fresh Wanda-Jinga box, note that it is filled with several cubes:

  • Blue Gelatin Cubes will be removed automatically once a pet reaches level 50 (or so).
  • Brown Caramel Cubes, require Caramel Crusher (8 Excubes) to remove.
    • A pet will always start with 8 Caramel Cubes, requiring you to spend 64 Excubes per pet.
  • Gray Paper Cube cannot be removed. Makes you wonder why since they are supposed to be paper.
Freshly hatched Wanda's Sweets Box
Freshly hatched Wanda's Sweets Box

Sweets Types

A Sweets Box can hold a limited amount of candies. It is a good idea to compress candies first before putting it to Sweets Box!

Icon Sweets Type Description
item-candy-pancake.png Pancakes Pancakes are the most important sweets, as they increase the elemental value, thus giving you easy damage.You can only put 2 of them, requiring you to have 3-Layers and 2-Layer pancakes to maximize a ★13 pet's element.They can be compressed 3 times to a 2x2 size.You need a total of 160 Synthesizers to create a 2-Layer Pancake (8 Excubes) and 1050 Synthesizer to create a 3-Layer Pancake (53 Excubes).For newbies, start with 2 Double Stack/Layer Pancakes and destroy one of them when you have the resource to create the Triple Stack/Layer Pancake.Compressing pancakes require 6 Grinders and either 9869 Meseta (Single), 25194 Meseta (Double), and 42214 Meseta (Triple).
item-candy-parfait.png Parfaits Parfait is the second-most important sweets on the box, and they usually boosts damage, but can be hard to obtain.You can only put 2 parfaits and both must have different name.A parfait can be compressed 4 times to a 2x2 size.Compressing a parfait costing a total of 12 Lambda Grinders and 636300 Meseta.
item-candy-rolls.png Rolls Rolls are the third most important sweets, and they have a varied uses.You can only put 2 rolls and they can be compressed twice to a 2x2 size.Compressing rolls will cost 6 Grinders and 28459 Meseta for a ★10, 8 Grinders and 59347 Meseta for an ★11, and finally 10 Grinders and 82625 Meseta for a ★12.
item-candy-cookie.png Cookies Cookies adds stat, and they are akin to affixes, meaning that their stat increase will not contribute to elemental multiplier.You can only put 3 cookies, and they can be compressed 3 times to a 1x2 size.Compressing cookies costs a total of 6 Grinders and 25205 Meseta.
item-candy-stick.png CanesアメCandy Sticks Canes have varying properties, but they usually increase stats without needing to be compressed.You can put 4 canes in a Sweets Box.
item-candy-sandwich.png Sandwiches Sandwiches raises one type of defense by 100, depending their name.You can put 5 sandwiches in a Sweets Box, but most often you can only put 1 to 3.
item-candy-soda.png CandyラムネSoda Candy changes the element of the pet.This requires 1 Attribute Changer and 100 Synthesizer.They can be compressed twice to a 1x1 size.While their compression price is negligible, the Attribute Changer from Player Shop can get expensive.
item-candy-gummy.png Gummies Gummies commonly adds 10 HP and they are 1x1 each.Use them to fill the gap caused by other sweets.
item-candy-crepe.png Crepes Crepes adds things like EXP gain rate, rare drop rate, and Meseta gain rate.At maximum compression, they are still a 2x2 candy and their minuscule boosts is not worth sacrificing that kind of space.

Sweets Box Tools

As you fill your Sweets Box, you might notice that you can remove a few sweets to add more useful ones. This is where these tools come in handy. Two of them can be found at Ariel's Pet Good Shop, and the Tongs that returns sweets to your inventory, are only available from the SG Shop.

Icon Tool Description
item-candy-caramel-crusher.png Caramel Crusher Deletes a caramel cube.Costs 8 Excubes.Can also be obtained from doing Alto's Mesetan Shooter CO in Casino.
item-candy-eraser.png Sweets DissolverキャンディーイレイサーCandy Eraser Deletes a candy.Costs 10 Grinders.
item-candy-remover.png Sugar TongsキャンディーリムーバーCandy Remover Returns a candy to your inventory.Costs 1 SG at the SG shop.
item-candy-remover.png All-Sweets Sugar Tongs全キャンディーリムーバーAll Candy Remover Returns an entire candy box to your inventory.Costs 5 SG at the SG Shop.

Recommended Sweets

These sweets are arranged from the highest priority to the lowest. Do check Collection File every list update. Many ★14 parfait are not really useful compared to their ★13 counterpart.

Icon Name Location Effect
item-candy-pancake.png Triple Stack Pancake3段パンケーキ3-Layer Pancake Pet Goods Shop +30% Elemental Attribute.Only 1 is needed.
item-candy-pancake.png Double Stack Pancake2段パンケーキ2-Layer Pancake Pet Goods ShopPietro's Wanda CO +20% Elemental Attribute.During the beginning of the game, especially when ★13 pets are not available, you can use 2 Double Stacks.Later on, when you can obtain the Triple Stack, only 1 Double Stack is needed.
item-candy-parfait.png 超ひっさつパフェSuper Deadly Parfait UH Primordial Darkness 116% critical damage.The strongest parfait available with almost no drawback.
item-candy-parfait-14.png 絶品ひっさつパフェExquisite Deadly Parfait Weapon Badge 2020 Shop 110% critical damage.This parfait has an extra effect similar to Support Roll.
item-candy-parfait.png 超どきどきパフェSuper Doki Doki Parfait UH 6th Angel 114% damage, but doubles the pet stun time.Suitable for pet with fast stun recovery and can replace Deadly Parfait.
item-candy-parfait.png Critical ParfaitひっさつパフェDeadly Parfait Summoner Support CF (Wanda, Jinga, Melon)Weapon Badge SP Shop 3 110% critical damage.Essential, especially since Summoner must go for critical build.
item-candy-parfait.png 超ぜいたくパフェSuper Luxury Parfait Weapon Badge SP Shop 1 PP Regen 123%, Attack PP Gain 114%, PP Cost -10%.Most suited for pets with high PP consumption.
item-candy-parfait.png ぜいたくパフェLuxury Parfait Summoner Support CF (Trim, Aero, Shinkuro, Redran) PP Regen 120%, Attack PP Gain 110%, PP Cost -5%.
item-candy-parfait.png 超メガトンパフェSuper Megaton Parfait XQ Terran Phantoms 112% damage against boss.Trying to obtain this parfait in XQ Phantoms are highly impractical and a huge waste of time.
item-candy-parfait-14.png 絶品メガトンパフェExquisite Megaton Parfait Dark Falz Persona (Su Main)Leontina Certificate B 109% damage against boss, 90% damage taken from boss.
item-candy-parfait.png Megaton ParfaitメガトンパフェMegaton Parfait Weapon Badge SP Shop 2Title Reward 109% damage against boss.
item-candy-parfait.png 超みまもりパフェSuper Vigilant Parfait Weapon Badge SP Shop 1 111% damage if pet is over a Mirage Step distance away from you.
item-candy-parfait-14.png 絶品きあいパフェExquisite Bolster Parfait UH Omega Falz Luther 113% damage if pet is within a Mirage Step distance from you.Pet's attacks can cause Jellen.Surprisingly one of the rarer ★14 parfait that is stronger than it's ★ 13 version.
item-candy-parfait.png 超きあいパフェSuper Bolster Parfait Wild Easter 2019 111% damage if pet is within a Mirage Step distance from you.
item-candy-parfait.png Hype ParfaitきあいパフェBolster Parfait Weapon Badge SP Shop 2Leontina Certificate ATitle Reward 108% damage if pet is within a Mirage Step distance from you.
item-candy-parfait.png 超ぐんぐんパフェSuper Steady Parfait 2020 UH Magatsu Limited Quest +7% damage for every enemy killed, up to 21% total (121% damage).Resets when pet is switched out or entering campship.
item-candy-parfait-14.png 絶品ぐんぐんパフェExquisite Steady Parfait Prize Medal Shop +4% damage for every enemy killed, up to 20% total (120% damage).Resets when pet is switched out or entering campship.
item-candy-parfait.png Vigorous ParfaitぐんぐんパフェSteady Parfait 2018 Valentine and White Day Emergency Quest +4% damage for every enemy killed, up to 20% total (120% damage).Resets when pet is switched out or entering campship.
item-candy-parfait.png 超はりきりパフェSuper Spirited Parfait UH Primordial Darkness 150% normal attack damage.Stack this with Spirited Parfait to gain 210% normal attack.Theoretically, both Spitited Parfaits on a Rappy will make its Normal Attacks do more than even Rykros Rappy Drop.
item-candy-parfait.png はりきりパフェSpirited Parfait Summoner Support CF (Wanda, Jinga, Viola) 140% normal attack damage.
item-candy-parfait.png 超たっぷりパフェSuper Complete Parfait Weapon Badge SP Shop 1 108% damage if pet HP is above 60%.
item-candy-parfait.png ひかりとやみのパフェLight and Dark Parfait Prize Medal Shop 107% damage if enemy is weak against light or dark.Recovers 50 HP per hit. This has a niche use against aggressive bosses, particularly Omega Masquerade.
item-candy-parfait.png Satisfying Parfait超たっぷりパフェComplete Parfait Pietro's Shinkuro DOTitle Reward 105% damage if pet HP is above 60%.
item-candy-rolls.png おうえんロールSupport Roll Summoner Support CF (Wanda, Jinga, Sally, Popple) 101% attack, +10% critical rate, 120% defense during Shifta sympathy.
item-candy-rolls.png へんかんロールConversion Roll Summoner Support CF (Wanda, Jinga, Viola) Increases each attack by 4% of each respective defense.S-DEF will raise S-ATK, R-DEF will raise R-ATK, and T-DEF will raise T-ATK
item-candy-rolls.png ふんばりロールSteadfast Roll Featured Quest Boxes When pet HP is below 50%, reduces the damage taken by pet by 70% for 10s.Has a 30s cooldown.
item-candy-stick.png Critical CaneクリティカルアメCritical Candy Stick Pietro's Popple CO Critical Rate +7%.
item-candy-stick.png Spirit CaneスピリタアメSpirita Candy Stick Random drops PP+5.Use this if you don't have any Critical Canes.
item-candy-stick.png Vinculum Spir CaneウィンスピアメVin-Spi Candy Stick Pietro's Jinga CO All Pwr +20, PP+3.
item-candy-stick.png Mastery CaneアビリティアメAbility Candy Stick Pet Goods Shop All +5.Use this if you don't have any Vinculum Spir Canes.
item-candy-cookie.png テクスピクッキーTech-Spi Cookie White Day 2020 CF TEC Pwr +30 PP+6.Best cookie available, and also rarest.
item-candy-cookie.png Casting CookieテクニクッキーTech Cookie Random drops TEC Pwr +35.
item-candy-cookie.png Spirit CookieスピリタクッキーSpirita Cookie Random drops PP+5.

Summoner's Progression

Summoner Progression
Summoner Progression

Your main progress as a Summoner should be as follow:

  • Have a Light-attributed Jinga fully raised, i.e. full sweets/candy box, and at L130
  • Have a Light-attributed Melon fully raised
  • Have a Light-attributed Synchro fully raised
  • Have a Rykros Staff +30, easiest to obtain from trading 500 Conqueror Crest at Zieg's Conqueror Crest Exhcange
    • You can accomplish this by trading 63 Sage Crest into 504 Conqueror Crest, also at Zieg's Sage Crest Exchange
  • Have 3 ★13 unit with 150 TEC/T-ATK and 25 PP each (unit's base stat included!)
    • In the example above, the base unit is a Schvelle which has 50ATK and 12 PP by default. The ability affix adds 120 TEC and 10 PP, making it has a total of 170 TEC and 22 PP. This is less than the ideal 25 PP, but it can still work.
  • Have 200 PP and become SuPh, the best class combo available for Summoner.
    • In normal circumstance, especially for beginners, you start with 100 PP.
    • L90 Summoner can get 5 PP from PP Up skill.
    • Ph sub gives additional 20 PP from PP High Up skill.
    • This totals to 125 PP base, so you need 75 from equipment, which is why your 3 units ideally need to have 25 PP each to attain 200 PP total.
    • There are other ways to gain PP, such as putting Spirita Cookie to your Pet's Candy Box
    • You don't need 200 PP if you aren't using Ph sub.

Tips for Beginner ~ Don't make a Common Mistake!

If someone recommends you a MEL/S-ATK Mag for Summoner, most likely they are using old knowledge from 2017s! Use TEC/T-ATK Mag instead!
Did someone recommend you Marron as best pet? That's also an old knowledge from 2017! Marron have a limited use outside of some bosses!
Please level up your pet! Without a proper level, they don't do much damage and dies easily!
Parfaits are powerful but Pancakes are easier to obtain!