Wanda / Jinga

A pet without real weakness, dubbed "Almighty Pet" in Japan. They have a rather efficient PP usage (even more efficient on Wanda), solid DPS, powerful normal attacks, high HP, high defense, and easy to use PAs. When in doubt of what pet to use, Wanda or Jinga is never a wrong choice.

14★ Wanda is more durable with higher HP and Def. 14★ Jinga has higher ATK and upgraded Jinga Assault, having a wider attack area and higher multiplier. There are little reasons to use Wanda, so the numbers listed on here are based on Jinga.

Stun Timer Normal Attack DPS Rating1,2 Overall DPS Rating3
30s (Wanda)
15s (Jinga)
Hold: 20 (10.4 PP/s)
Auto: 33 (15.4 PP/s)
Personality Description
Personality.pngEnjoys Sun (晴れ好き) 112% damage during clear weather, does not work on EQs. Preferable if you use Jinga on regular quests.
Personality.pngFervent (こんじょう) Small chance to endure damage that would otherwise killed it. Gains invulnerability when activated. Preferable on EQs, although Jinga itself is not easy to KO.
Personality.pngPowerful (パワフル) 14★ only. Combines the effect of Enjoys Sun and Fervent, as well as having increased rare item drop rate.
Strength Weakness
  • Suitable for all player skills
  • All-purpose pet
  • High ATK
  • High DEF
  • High-powered normal attacks
  • Has an area attack that Stuns
  • Has a knockdown attack
  • Efficient PP usage
  • Normal attack has a big hitbox
  • Jinga recovers fast from stun
  • None
Candy Box Recommended Candies4
  • 1 3-Layer Pancake
  • 1 2-Layer Pancake
  • 1 Deadly Parfait
  • 1 Exquisite Deadly Parfait or 1 Super Megaton Parfait or 1 Super Vigilant Parfait
  • 2 Support Rolls
  • 2 Critical Candy Sticks
  • 2 Vin-Spi Candy Sticks
  • 2 Spirita Cookies
1 DPS: Damage Per Second, the higher the better.
2 Normal Attack DPS Rating: The DPS rating of Normal Attacks. Hold is the DPS if you hold the normal attack button. Auto is the number if you let the pet attack freely. If only Hold exists, then the pet will do less if you don't hold the button. The number in bracket is the restored PP per second, disregarding natural PP regen.
3 Overall DPS Rating: The greater the number, the greater the pet's DPS potential is. This is calculated by using Glance of Darkness with Rykros Staff +30, during standard case scenario: Phantom sub, enemy is weak to pet's element, enemy isn't moving, a pair of 110% damage parfaits, using PA to deplete 200PP, then use Normal Attacks to get back 200PP (boosted natural PP regen and attack PP regen due to Phantom sub is calculated).
4 For more information about candies, see the Recommended Candies Section.

Photon Arts / Combo

PA-Wanda-1.png Slicer
  • A two-hit attack, mind the timing between 2 attacks.
  • You can Jump after inputting the command to activate your natural PP regen; during a normal circumstance, you'll regain about 4PP back before the next input.
  • At L17 Wanda version costs 10 PP.
Basic Info
Damage 6040
PP 15
Frame 68
DPS Rating
Normal 60
Potential.png GoD5 85
Potential.png GoD Plus6 91
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 67
Potential.png GoD5 95
Potential.png GoD Plus6 102
PA-Wanda-2.png Break
  • Area attack, knocks down enemies.
  • At L17 Wanda version costs 15 PP
Basic Info
Damage 4076
PP 10
Frame 45
DPS Rating
Normal 61
Potential.png GoD5 99
Potential.png GoD Plus6 108
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 74
Potential.png GoD5 121
Potential.png GoD Plus6 133
PA-Wanda-3.png Assault
  • Recall PA, has a wide linear area of effect.
  • At L17 Wanda version costs 10 PP and has narrower area of attack.
Basic Info
Damage 3403
PP 5
Frame 45
DPS Rating
Normal 51
Potential.png GoD5 89
Potential.png GoD Plus6 98
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 124
Potential.png GoD5 218
Potential.png GoD Plus6 241
PA-Wanda-4.png Shock
  • Wide-ranged area attack. Causes Stun.
  • At L17 Wanda version will also costs 20 PP and has smaller AoE
Basic Info
Damage 3083
PP 20
Frame 45
DPS Rating
Normal 46
Potential.png GoD5 84
Potential.png GoD Plus6 94
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 28
Potential.png GoD5 52
Potential.png GoD Plus6 57
PA-Wanda-5.png Pulsar
  • DoT attack over 877f (14.6s).
  • At L17, Wanda version costs 30PP.
Basic Info
Damage 12792
PP 10
Frame 44
DPS Rating
Normal 10
Potential.png GoD5 12
Potential.png GoD Plus6 12
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 10
Potential.png GoD5 13
Potential.png GoD Plus6 13
NormalAttack.png Combo 1
  • Pulsar - 5× Slicer
  • To attain it's 65PP usage or less, you must jump immediately after using Slicer. Otherwise, it will cost 85PP.
Basic Info
Damage 36634
PP 65
Frame 384
DPS Rating
Normal 64
Potential.png GoD5 91
Potential.png GoD Plus6 97
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 97
Potential.png GoD5 137
Potential.png GoD Plus6 147
NormalAttack.png Combo 2
  • Pulsar - 7× Break
Basic Info
Damage 34553
PP 80
Frame 352
DPS Rating
Normal 66
Potential.png GoD5 105
Potential.png GoD Plus6 115
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 74
Potential.png GoD5 118
Potential.png GoD Plus6 129
5 GoD: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness, the potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
6 GoD Plus: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness Plus, the Ultimate Booster potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
7 Higher efficiency means lower PP consumption. An efficiency of 100 means you can sustain the attack for a long time. Remember that the most efficient attack doesn't mean that it will do decent DPS.