PetRappyIcon.png Maron

An all-rounder pet, very friendly to newbies, although obtaining their eggs is not newbie friendly (Rare drop from XH Deus, Dragon, Omega Luther). Rappy invokes the Magikarp Power: its stat before L120 are not impressive, and has 250 points to fill on each stat of Pet Plus; Level 100 and 120 Rappy has attack differences of almost 400 points. They notably have strongest normal attacks, albeit smaller hit box. This is both blessing and a curse since it is more accurate to hit a weak point, but easier to miss moving enemies. They are also the only pet to have a healing PA.

Rappy is the best pet to abuse Braver sub's Attack Advance. Stacking Attack Advance and Spirited Parfait turns Rappy's normal attack into a PA, essentially allowing you to win boss fights by just holding Normal Attack Button.

Stun Timer Normal Attack DPS Rating1,2 Overall DPS Rating3
20s Hold: 44 (23.0 PP/s) 105
Personality Description
Personality.pngEarly Bird (はやおき) Reduces stunned duration by 33%. All obtained Rappy eggs so far has only Super Early Bird (超はやおき) personality, which also boosts Rare Drop Rate by 5%. The same applies to 14★ version.
Strength Weakness
  • Suitable for all player skills
  • All-purpose pet
  • Has high ATK
  • Has high DEF
  • Has 7777 DEX at L130, reducing minimum damage taken from enemies
  • Has the most powerful normal attacks
  • High PP regain from normal attack
  • Has a healing skill
  • Recovers quickly from stun
  • Has a small sympathy alert ring
  • Slowest recall attack
  • Have close to nothing for mobbing
  • Have problems with moving enemies.
Candy Box Recommended Candies4
  • 1 3-Layer Pancake
  • 1 2-Layer Pancake
  • 1 Deadly Parfait
  • 1 Exquisite Deadly Parfait or 1 Super Megaton Parfait or 1 Super Vigilant Parfait
  • 2 Support Rolls
  • 2 Critical Candy Sticks
  • 1 Vin-Spi Candy Sticks
  • 1 Body Sandwich
  • 2 Spirita Cookies
1 DPS: Damage Per Second, the higher the better.
2 Normal Attack DPS Rating: The DPS rating of Normal Attacks. Hold is the DPS if you hold the normal attack button. Auto is the number if you let the pet attack freely. If only Hold exists, then the pet will do less if you don't hold the button. The number in bracket is the restored PP per second, disregarding natural PP regen.
3 Overall DPS Rating: The greater the number, the greater the pet's DPS potential is. This is calculated by using Glance of Darkness with Rykros Staff +30, during standard case scenario: Phantom sub, enemy is weak to pet's element, enemy isn't moving, a pair of 110% damage parfaits, using PA to deplete 200PP, then use Normal Attacks to get back 200PP (boosted natural PP regen and attack PP regen due to Phantom sub is calculated).
4 For more information about candies, see the Recommended Candies Section.

Photon Arts / Combo

PA-Rappy-1.png Melody
  • Creates a healing field similar to Resta, but can be stacked over and over.
  • Does not count as support Tech cast by player.
Basic Info
Damage 2323
PP 20
Frame 40
DPS Rating
Normal 39
Potential.png GoD5 82
Potential.png GoD Plus6 93
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 21
Potential.png GoD5 44
Potential.png GoD Plus6 50
PA-Rappy-2.png Drop
  • A rudimentary area attack.
  • Primary DPS during Alter Ego with Rykros Staff.
Basic Info
Damage 4658
PP 20
Frame 45
DPS Rating
Normal 69
Potential.png GoD5 107
Potential.png GoD Plus6 117
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 43
Potential.png GoD5 66
Potential.png GoD Plus6 72
PA-Rappy-3.png Canon
  • Recall PA.
  • Homing projectile that requires a target.
  • If there's no target, the missile will lauch straight upward.
  • Rappy is slow to return after performing the PA.
Basic Info
Damage 3142
PP 15
Frame 45
DPS Rating
Normal 47
Potential.png GoD5 85
Potential.png GoD Plus6 94
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 38
Potential.png GoD5 69
Potential.png GoD Plus6 77
PA-Rappy-4.png Sonic
  • 6-hit attack.
  • The PA will not start if Rappy does not hit a target.
Basic Info
Damage 13401
PP 20
Frame 123
DPS Rating
Normal 73
Potential.png GoD5 87
Potential.png GoD Plus6 90
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 118
Potential.png GoD5 140
Potential.png GoD Plus6 146
PA-Rappy-5.png End
  • Charge for 151f (2.5s).
  • Listed DPS is for a full charge.
Basic Info
Damage 23680
PP 40
Frame 205
DPS Rating
Normal 77
Potential.png GoD5 86
Potential.png GoD Plus6 88
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 101
Potential.png GoD5 112
Potential.png GoD Plus6 115
5 GoD: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness, the potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
6 GoD Plus: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness Plus, the Ultimate Booster potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
7 Higher efficiency means lower PP consumption. An efficiency of 100 means you can sustain the attack for a long time. Remember that the most efficient attack doesn't mean that it will do decent DPS.