PetMaronIcon.png Maron

A defensive pet with self-explosion ability. Maron is best used when your enemy are overly aggressive, like Dragon. Once was popular pet before damage cap was implemented. With damage cap in place, Maron Strike's capped 1M damage does lower DPS that its required setup. Using Maron for Strike attack only will lower their DPS a lot; consider using the strike as a bonus damage and focus on using Curse and Break as primary DPS. Along with its counterpart, Melon, they see limited use outside fighting bosses.

Maron's size has 3 stages, which powers up their Strike. The 1st stage is default; Maron will always be on 1st stage if you summon them. The 2nd stage is reached after 3 hits, in which Maron becomes big. The 3rd stage is reached after 9 hits, in which Maron becomes even bigger with flames coming out of their body. You have 15 seconds to perform Maron strike before Maron explodes on your hand and reduce your HP to a fraction.

Stun Timer Normal Attack DPS Rating1,2 Overall DPS Rating3
60s Hold: 20 (15 PP/s)
Auto: 23 (12.3 PP/s)
87 (Break)
114 (Strike 3 in 30s)
Personality Description
Personality.pngAdverse (逆境) 117% damage if HP drops below 25%. This is always activated during Maron Strike, thus the preferred personality.
Personality.pngFierce (やせ我慢) A chance to recover 18% of max HP when taking damage.
Personality.pngCute (キュート) 14★ only. Combines Adverse and Fierce, as well as having increased rare item drop rate.
Strength Weakness
  • Suitable against aggressive bosses
  • Suitable to take on Phantom XQ
  • Highest HP
  • Can shield character from damage
  • High PP regain from normal attack
  • Has a high-powered DoT attack
  • Has a bouncing homing attack
  • Suicide attack requires 30-60 seconds to set up, thus making it unsuitable for bosses that's not aggressive (i.e. almost all bosses are not aggressive, the only really aggressive ones are Omega Masquerade, Phaleg, and Omega Hunar).
  • Requires more than 1 Maron to properly take advantage of its suicide attack
  • Recovers long from stun
  • Not much use outside fighting aggressive boss
  • Somewhat not aggressive, despite being a melee pet
Candy Box Recommended Candies4
  • 1 3-Layer Pancake
  • 1 2-Layer Pancake
  • 1 Deadly Parfait
  • 1 Exquisite Deadly Parfait or 1 Super Megaton Parfait or 1 Megaton Parfait
  • 1 Support Roll
  • 1 Support Roll or 1 Steadfast Roll
  • 2 Critical Candy Sticks
  • 2 Body Sandwiches
  • 1 React Sandwiches
  • 2 Mind Sandwiches
  • 2 Spirita Cookies
1 DPS: Damage Per Second, the higher the better.
2 Normal Attack DPS Rating: The DPS rating of Normal Attacks. Hold is the DPS if you hold the normal attack button. Auto is the number if you let the pet attack freely. If only Hold exists, then the pet will do less if you don't hold the button. The number in bracket is the restored PP per second, disregarding natural PP regen.
3 Overall DPS Rating: The greater the number, the greater the pet's DPS potential is. This is calculated by using Glance of Darkness with Rykros Staff +30, during standard case scenario: Phantom sub, enemy is weak to pet's element, enemy isn't moving, a pair of 110% damage parfaits, using PA to deplete 200PP, then use Normal Attacks to get back 200PP (boosted natural PP regen and attack PP regen due to Phantom sub is calculated).
4 For more information about candies, see the Recommended Candies Section.

Photon Arts / Combo

PA-Maron-1.png Strike 1
  • Stuns enemy and Maron.
  • Hold PA button to delay the throw.
  • This PA isn't affected by Glance of Darkness
Basic Info
Damage 7681
PP 5
Frame 59
DPS Rating
Normal 87
Potential.png GoD5 87
Potential.png GoD Plus6 87
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 268
Potential.png GoD5 268
Potential.png GoD Plus6 268
PA-Maron-1.png Strike 2
  • Requires Maron to take 3 hits.
  • DPS rating assumes Maron take 3 hits and be thrown in 5 seconds.
  • This PA isn't affected by Glance of Darkness
Basic Info
Damage 26886
PP 5
Frame 59
DPS Rating
Normal 60
Potential.png GoD5 60
Potential.png GoD Plus6 60
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 184
Potential.png GoD5 184
Potential.png GoD Plus6 184
PA-Maron-1.png Strike 3
  • Requires Maron to take 9 hits.
  • DPS rating assumes Maron take 9 hits and be thrown in 15 seconds.
  • This PA isn't affected by Glance of Darkness
Basic Info
Damage 76819
PP 5
Frame 59
DPS Rating
Normal 57
Potential.png GoD5 57
Potential.png GoD Plus6 57
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 175
Potential.png GoD5 175
Potential.png GoD Plus6 175
PA-Maron-2.png Break
  • Primary DPS attack.
  • A rudimentary area attack with no added effect.
  • Unlike Jinga Break, Maron stays in place.
Basic Info
Damage 3609
PP 15
Frame 43
DPS Rating
Normal 56
Potential.png GoD5 96
Potential.png GoD Plus6 106
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 40
Potential.png GoD5 69
Potential.png GoD Plus6 76
PA-Maron-3.png Shield
  • Recall PA.
  • Hold button to keep Maron in front of your character, draining your 1 PP every 2s.
  • Maron will take all damage from front at greatly reduced rate.
  • Shield might not be available if Maron is too far away, or obscured by walls.
  • This PA isn't affected by Glance of Darkness
Basic Info
Damage 0
PP {$pa-pp}
Frame 1
DPS Rating
Normal 0
Potential.png GoD5 0
Potential.png GoD Plus6 0
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 0
Potential.png GoD5 0
Potential.png GoD Plus6 0
PA-Maron-4.png Chaser
  • A homing missile attack that bounces at every enemy in an area.
  • Can bounce back to the same enemy.
Basic Info
Damage 804
PP 25
Frame 44
DPS Rating
Normal 12
Potential.png GoD5 51
Potential.png GoD Plus6 61
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 5
Potential.png GoD5 22
Potential.png GoD Plus6 26
PA-Maron-5.png Curse
  • DoT attack over 570f (9.5s).
  • Slow homing projectile.
Basic Info
Damage 13267
PP 40
Frame 44
DPS Rating
Normal 16
Potential.png GoD5 19
Potential.png GoD Plus6 19
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 4
Potential.png GoD5 5
Potential.png GoD Plus6 5
NormalAttack.png Combo
  • Curse - 8× Break
Basic Info
Damage 37920
PP 170
Frame 388
DPS Rating
Normal 65
Potential.png GoD5 105
Potential.png GoD Plus6 115
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 38
Potential.png GoD5 62
Potential.png GoD Plus6 68
5 GoD: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness, the potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
6 GoD Plus: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness Plus, the Ultimate Booster potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
7 Higher efficiency means lower PP consumption. An efficiency of 100 means you can sustain the attack for a long time. Remember that the most efficient attack doesn't mean that it will do decent DPS.