Cery / Popple

A long-range support pet, best at taking down a large quantity of enemies. They are risky to use against bosses that moves too much because its main DPS attack tends to miss. However, their easy-to-use nature allows you to utilize Zanverse together with their attacks.

Cery and Popple can jam. Pressing a PA button at the same time when they lose target will cause them to skip the said PA, but will still cost PP. Mind the timing between PAs.

14★ Cery is more durable with higher HP and Def and less PP usage. 14★ Popple has higher ATK and upgraded Popple Plode (chargeable and stronger hit, but lower DPS). There are little reasons to use Cery (even less than Wanda-Jinga or Torim-Aero), so the numbers listed on here are based on Popple.

Stun Timer Normal Attack DPS Rating1,2 Overall DPS Rating3
60s (Cery)
30s (Popple)
Hold: 25 (17.3 PP/s, 21.9 PP/s if Adept) 118
Personality Description
Personality.pngAdept (てきぱき) 130% Normal attack PP regain. This is the preferable personality.
Personality.pngSerene (やさしい) Heals previously summoned pet HP by a certain amount after a certain time. I am uncertain for the purpose of this ability since unsummoned pet gains HP relatively quick. Does not affect stunned pets.
Personality.pngPop (ポップ) 14★ only. Combines Adept and Serene, as well as having increased rare item drop rate.
Strength Weakness
  • Suitable for all player skills
  • Long-range attacks
  • Stays close to player almost all time, reducing risk of getting hit
  • High PP regain from normal attack
  • Has Jellen (lowers ATK by 15%) on its most powerful DPS attack
  • Most powerful DPS attack costs a measly 5PP
  • Most powerful and widest area attack
  • Has a homing attack that also knocks enemy down
  • Has an attack that clusters enemy
  • Highly usable with Zanverse to increase output further
  • Prone to jamming
  • Weak DEF
  • Beside homing attack, all projectiles are slow
  • Cery recovers long from stun
Candy Box Recommended Candies4
  • 1 3-Layer Pancake
  • 1 2-Layer Pancake
  • 1 Deadly Parfait
  • 1 Exquisite Deadly Parfait or 1 Super Megaton Parfait or 1 Super Bolster Parfait
  • 2 Support Rolls
  • 2 Critical Candy Sticks
  • 1 Vin-Spi Candy Sticks
  • 1 Body Sandwich
  • 3 Spirita Cookies
1 DPS: Damage Per Second, the higher the better.
2 Normal Attack DPS Rating: The DPS rating of Normal Attacks. Hold is the DPS if you hold the normal attack button. Auto is the number if you let the pet attack freely. If only Hold exists, then the pet will do less if you don't hold the button. The number in bracket is the restored PP per second, disregarding natural PP regen.
3 Overall DPS Rating: The greater the number, the greater the pet's DPS potential is. This is calculated by using Glance of Darkness with Rykros Staff +30, during standard case scenario: Phantom sub, enemy is weak to pet's element, enemy isn't moving, a pair of 110% damage parfaits, using PA to deplete 200PP, then use Normal Attacks to get back 200PP (boosted natural PP regen and attack PP regen due to Phantom sub is calculated).
4 For more information about candies, see the Recommended Candies Section.

Photon Arts / Combo

PA-Cery-1.png Plode
  • Slow projectile.
  • At L17 Cery version costs 10PP.
Basic Info
Damage 5631
PP 20
Frame 64
DPS Rating
Normal 59
Potential.png GoD5 86
Potential.png GoD Plus6 92
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 50
Potential.png GoD5 72
Potential.png GoD Plus6 78
PA-Cery-1.png Plode Charge
  • Popple only.
  • Charge Plode for 112f (1.9s).
  • Greatly increases area of effect and damage.
Basic Info
Damage 9385
PP 20
Frame 112
DPS Rating
Normal 56
Potential.png GoD5 71
Potential.png GoD Plus6 75
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 82
Potential.png GoD5 104
Potential.png GoD Plus6 110
PA-Cery-2.png Fall
  • Clusters enemy together.
  • Area is rather small, but is an instant attack; useful to attack moving targets.
  • At L17 Cery version costs 15PP.
Basic Info
Damage 3162
PP 10
Frame 44
DPS Rating
Normal 48
Potential.png GoD5 87
Potential.png GoD Plus6 97
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 52
Potential.png GoD5 94
Potential.png GoD Plus6 104
PA-Cery-3.png Curse
  • Primary DPS attack.
  • Inflicts Jellen, which reduces target's attack by 15%.
  • Slow homing projectile, might miss if the target is small and Popple is too close.
  • At L17 Cery version costs 15 PP.
Basic Info
Damage 4029
PP 5
Frame 44
DPS Rating
Normal 61
Potential.png GoD5 100
Potential.png GoD Plus6 110
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 132
Potential.png GoD5 215
Potential.png GoD Plus6 236
PA-Cery-4.png Chaser
  • Knocks enemy down.
  • Quick homing projectile.
  • At L17 Cery version costs 10 PP.
Basic Info
Damage 1777
PP 15
Frame 44
DPS Rating
Normal 27
Potential.png GoD5 66
Potential.png GoD Plus6 76
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 19
Potential.png GoD5 47
Potential.png GoD Plus6 54
PA-Cery-5.png Teritory 4-hit
  • This attack is currently impractical to use at it has low DPS and limited range; if you need a direct hit attack, use Fall instead.
  • Recall PA; Popple will return first.
  • Area attack which requires holding the button; just tapping it will cause Popple to return and does the animation, but does nothing else.
  • At L17 Cery version initially costs 5 PP.
Basic Info
Damage 4260
PP 15
Frame 177
DPS Rating
Normal 16
Potential.png GoD5 26
Potential.png GoD Plus6 28
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 49
Potential.png GoD5 79
Potential.png GoD Plus6 87
PA-Cery-5.png Teritory 8-hit
  • Costs roughly 62 PP.
Basic Info
Damage 12782
PP 62.4
Frame 332
DPS Rating
Normal 26
Potential.png GoD5 31
Potential.png GoD Plus6 32
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 35
Potential.png GoD5 41
Potential.png GoD Plus6 43
PA-Cery-5.png Teritory 12-hit
  • Costs roughly 88 PP.
Basic Info
Damage 37498
PP 88.1
Frame 512
DPS Rating
Normal 49
Potential.png GoD5 52
Potential.png GoD Plus6 53
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 72
Potential.png GoD5 77
Potential.png GoD Plus6 78
PA-Cery-5.png Teritory 16-hit
  • Costs roughly 114 PP.
Basic Info
Damage 54541
PP 113.9
Frame 692
DPS Rating
Normal 53
Potential.png GoD5 55
Potential.png GoD Plus6 56
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 82
Potential.png GoD5 86
Potential.png GoD Plus6 86
PA-Cery-5.png Teritory 20-hit
  • Costs roughly 140 PP.
  • It takes 14.5s to reach this damage, and as you can see, using all other PA would be better.
Basic Info
Damage 71584
PP 139.7
Frame 872
DPS Rating
Normal 55
Potential.png GoD5 57
Potential.png GoD Plus6 57
Efficiency Rating7
Normal 87
Potential.png GoD5 90
Potential.png GoD Plus6 91
5 GoD: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness, the potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
6 GoD Plus: Total DPS when using Glance of Darkness Plus, the Ultimate Booster potential of Rykros Staff at +30 grind or more. Only applies to a single target.
7 Higher efficiency means lower PP consumption. An efficiency of 100 means you can sustain the attack for a long time. Remember that the most efficient attack doesn't mean that it will do decent DPS.