Soulcalibur IV
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The fifth main installment of the Soul series, which comes with the worst battle system addition ever imaginable. The combat is more the same as Soul Calibur III, with the exclusion of soul charge, and the addition of soul gauge. You can perform critical finish when your opponent's soul gauge emptied, which during a match, is close to impossible to happen. My personal record in 30 battles against Edgemaster difficulty opponent with 2 rounds each battle, result in 1 critical finish. ONE.

As this is a save data hack, you're required to understand how to encrypt/decrypt your save data and manipulate it using hex editor (XVI32 preferred as hex editor).

If you're interested in showcasing your character, you can visit Another Stage of History.

This game CAPA was made by Perseonn BalthasaarPerseonn Balthasaar.

Custom Character Moveset Data

  You can play your modified custom character fine, but you can no longer edit any of your character if you want to keep modified characters around. If you try to select the modified character slot on character edit, they will disappear. If you make a change on any character on the Character Creation mode, they will disappear. Always make a clone of your character to experiment.

Due to how the save data are structured, the easiest was is to use XVI32. Find your character's name and take note of the address. Example:

In this case, the address is 2B8C0.
In this case, the address is 2B8C0.

Now, using the XVIscript Editor, enter this code:

ADR $2B8C0
ADR- 3872

You'll land on the character digit address. Take note of the three address before it, since it's the slot digit. If your character has multiple costume and you arrange them sequentially, this can help you identify them.

Remember, slot digit starts at 0, so this example's slot digit, while showing 4, is actually 5 in the game.
Remember, slot digit starts at 0, so this example's slot digit, while showing 4, is actually 5 in the game.
The following is the digit for the guest and bonus characters:
Digit Moveset
15 Ashlotte
19 Vader
21 Scheherazade
18 Algol
1A Yoda
1B Apprentice
1D Angol Fear
1E Kamikirimushi
1F Shura

Algol's Alphecca I'klil Nath

Algol's only unblockable move comes with a highly campy pose, which reminds me of a much older campy pose.

Rudol von Stroheim (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
Rudol von Stroheim (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Finding the Custom Character Moveset Data

The method of finding the data is similar to Soulcalibur V, but is simpler.

The save data are oddly structured, in a way that more recent characters are closer to the beginning of the file, and older character are closer to the end of file. And I think if your slots are crowded, it can get messy. Each character blocks also assign their supposed slot, so it is impossible to list the address per slot like Soulcalibur V.

In order to circumvent this, I created a new save, and sequentially create Bohb1, Bohb2, Bohb3, Bohb4, Bohb5, Alice4, Alice5, and make one custom Apprentice for reference. When I looked at the structure, Bohb1 appears near the end of file, while The Apprentice appears near the beginning of file. Oddly, there are no data after the string "Bohb1", so I assume the name are put near the end of character block. After counting, it turned out that each character block is 3932 address long. It's far shorter than Soulcalibur V.

The range from the first letter of a character's name to the alleged beginning of the character data is 3880. Using this as the zero point, the character slot information was found at +5, while the moveset at +8.

Hacked custom character can be played, but it is not possible to edit them.

Sauron with The Apprentice moveset
Sauron with The Apprentice moveset