Wild Arms' randomizer is peculiar that your action will always have same outcome (e.g. hit/miss, damage, critical, Fast Draw leaned) during a turn unless you change a parameter. Example, if you order Jack to do an attack and save the state, then the attack does critical hit, no matter how many times you load the state, that attack will always be a critical. The same goes for enemy: if on the turn they use an attack on Jack for 60 damage, it will always do that to the same target, for the same damage.

While it sounds annoying, it's still better than Devil Survivor's (every battle will have same outcome, downright to damage dealt, if you do the same action).


Name Emulator PSX Type Remark
Money 00B8BB7C 001341DC Int 4
Encounter 00B38AA0 000E1100 Int 2 Set these values to 0 to avoid encounters. This just govern half of the encounter system as setting it to a very high number does not guarantee instant encounter.
Damage Limit 00AC895C 00070FBC Int 2 This is a signed integer. Normal max value is 9999. Maximum damage possible can be set to 32767, setting more than that will recover enemies. On damage more than 4 numbers, first digit will always display incorrect number.
Item Type #1 00B8B8EC 00133F4C Int 1 The first slot of item type. Each slot differ by +1.
Item Type #256 00B8B9EB 0013404B Int 1 The last slot of item type. There are actually less than 256 item.
Item Amount #1 00B8B9EC 0013404C Int 1 The first slot of item amount. Each slot differ by +1.
Item Amount #256 00B8BAEB 0013414B Int 1 The last slot of item amount.
Rudy EXP 00B8B7AC 00133E0C Int 4
Arm #1 00B8BAEC 0013414C Int 1 Arm modifier. Nothing special.
Arm ATP #1 00B8BAED 0013414D Int 1 Normal max value is 7. The ATP value follows a cycle that correspond to other arm type (e.g. 8 is Prism Ray attack at 0 value). Any multiplications by 8, then reduced by 1 (e.g. 15, 23, 31, etc) are guaranteed to have highest ATP number of the cycle.
Arm HIT #1 00B8BAEE 0013414E Int 1 Normal max value is 7. Each value increases accuracy by 2%.
Arm Max Bullet #1 00B8BAEF 0013414F Int 1 Normal max value is 7. Each value increases maximum bullet by 1.
Arm Bullet #1 00B8BAF0 00134150 Int 1 The remaining bullet of the arm. The Arm Type #2 starts +2 from here.
Arm Unknown #1 00B8BAF1 00134151 Int 1 An unknown value. It's always 0
Arm Type #2 00B8BAF2 00134152 Int 1
Arm Type #8 00B8BB16 00134176 Int 1
Jack EXP 00B8B7E0 00133E40 Int 4
Fast Draw #1 00B8BB1C 0013417C Int 1 Fast draw modifier. You can use this to replace every "????" skill with the Fast Draw.
Fast Draw MP #1 00B8BB1D 0013417D Int 1 This is the required MP of the Fast Draw. Minimum normal amount is 1. The next +1 value is modifier, then MP, then modifier, and so on.
Fast Draw #16 00B8BB3A 0013419A Int 1 The last slot for Fast Draw modifier.
Fast Draw MP #16 00B8BB3B 0013419B Int 1 The last slot for Fast Draw MP.
Cecilia EXP 00B8B814 00133E74 Int 4
Crest Magic #1 00B8BB3C 0013419C Int 1 The first slot of Cecilia's Crest Magic. Each slot differ by +1.
Crest Magic #64 00B8BB7B 001341DB Int 1 The last slot of Cecilia's Crest Magic.




Fast Draw

Crest Magic