Custom Character Data

So far I have found moveset, voice, weapon, and character strength. For less drama issue in online battle, the strength digit will not be disclosed. It's easy to find anyway.

  Before changing the moveset/style, ensure the character are using FIRST weapon. The game may crash after editing if you have assigned them a weapon they don't have, most likely happen with Dampierre and Ezio. If you messed up, the weapon digit is located on +2 address after Moveset 2.

Each slot has two name address, the second address is not listed here due to their adjacent location. You can utilize the name address to break the limit of 12 letter. For safety, use same name for both address. The longest name I've tried is "Cliche Incarnate Richter" which is 24 characters and he is editable, usable in all modes, without breaking the name. The name will be truncated to 12 if I re-input his name during creation.

Voice data is pretty-self explanatory.

As you can see, each slot has two moveset address, each using same digit. They have different function:

Moveset 1
Character's pose during creation (including photo), menu weapon name, sometimes entry pose, sometimes win pose, and character's identity. This also governs the mimic character behavior. If you set this to mimic character's identity, they will ignore the second moveset data and weapon.
Moveset 2
Character's moveset, weapon set, and roster slot (standard edit). This affects taunt if used with either Kilik with Xiba's move or Elysium with Pyrrha Omega's move, but neither will gain special moveset nor special Critical Edge.
If you make a Siegfried custom, set Move 1 to "01" and Move 2 to "02, the game will recognize the character as Maxi, will call "Maxi" upon selection, will have maxi's weapon name on creation mode, but will appear under Voldo's roster slot, have Voldo's moveset and weapon, while have Maxi's pose during creation.

  Using Ezio style, apart from missing announcer voice, has no problem in all modes.

  Voice digit is different from moveset digit, but somehow follows old numbering.

  With weapon code, it is possible to assign 9th weapon for all characters. They are either SoulCalibur (female characters, Siegfried), or a more detailed version of their default weapon.