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Starting 2019, Phantasy Star Online 2 started a short anime series based on its own webcomic called "PuSo Ni Comi" (ぷそ煮コミ PuSo Stew) by Pekeko (ぺけこ), which debuts in 2018. The anime is available on YouTube and Niconico. On April 2020, the anime begins airing it's second season, named "PuSo Ni Comi Okawari" (ぷそ煮コミおかわり More PuSo Stew).


Without further ado, the button below will link to Google Drive where you can download the subbed anime in MKV format, under the banner of Manaka Sub. The source was the YouTube video, so please excuse the quality.

  Download PuSo Ni Comi + Okawari with English Subtitles


At the end of each episode, there's a keyword to be typed in PSO2's chat box. Doing so will yield a PuSo Ni Comi Memory (PuSo Ni Comi Memory 3 for the Okawari), redeemable from the Visiphone. The translation provided is contextual on how the keyword is used on the short anime.

First Season Keywords

Second Season Keywords

Week Keyword Translation
1 アニメぷそ煮コミおかわり More PuSo Ni Comi Anime
2 キャラクリデータはとっておこう Save your Character Creation data!
3 キャストはえっちだ Casts are Erotic
4 男の子だ!!! IT'S A BOOOY!!!
5 ドルチェと牧野の中の人公開中 The real Dolce and Makino revealed!
6 スリスリぺちぺち Cuddle-cuddle and pat-pat
7 初めてしてみたいです Do it for the first time.
8 銃座はどんどん強くなってるぞ The turrets are getting stronger and stronger!

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About PuSo Ni Comi

PuSo tells the story about a character named Mitarashi and her daily interactions in the PSO2 game. She has a close friend named Tetra, and both of them has a friend named Ichika. It's full of in-game jokes that is surprisingly relatable. If you are a player of PSO2, I think you'll find PuSo to be quite funny, and frankly, better than the whole mess of PSO2 story mode.

Tetra and Mitarashi about to start a Featured Quest.
Tetra and Mitarashi about to start a Featured Quest.

Subbing History

After four episodes, I noted that no one is English-subbing the series. Furthermore, no subtitles may be submitted to the YouTube video. Feeling that the series worth subbing, and it only take a rather short amount of time to do so, my wife and I took it to sub the series. This would be our first time releasing a fansub, and probably the only time to do so.

Subbing using Aegisub is surprisingly fast and easy.
Subbing using Aegisub is surprisingly fast and easy.

Translator notes

  • The sub aimed to be more contextual rather than line-by line translation. There will be instances when you hear the character directly address others by name, but the sub simply uses "you" since it is more common in English conversation. Other instances are made to be more accurate to the game, like when Mitarashi and Tetra explains that EQs appear suddenly, the sub explains that EQ firstly appears in a consistent schedule, although can also be random.
  • Mitarashi speaks in mostly Gifu accent, but she also throws some Kansai, Yokohama, and Touhoku on her speech. The sub tries to reflect her oddity by using Valleyspeak to her lines.
  • Zect and Tetra speaks formal. Both doesn't swear.
  • Makino is polite. Instead of telling his (yes, he is a male character) views directly, he phrases in a form of indirect question.
  • Ichika overacts if it is possible, or if you ask about his character.
  • On Episode 16, Tetra declined Mitarashi's offer and Mitarashi actually said, "Wow, you vehemently rejected it, hahaha", and grasses appears. This is a visual pun of a Japanese net slang:
    • Grass (草 kusa) is often drawn like the letter "w".
    • In net slang, "w" or is a shorthand for "Wara" (笑), which means laugh, and is used the same as we use "LOL". You can note if a Japanese person typed this at the end of their sentence.
    • So, slang-wise, "草" (kusa), "w", "www", or "草www" (kusa www) is the same as "LOL". Yes, it is simply because grass can be drawn as "w"!
    • In other words:
      • "Wow, you vehemently rejected it, hahaha"
      • "Wow, you vehemently rejected it, LOL"
      • "Wow, you vehemently rejected it, (www)"
      • "Wow, you vehemently rejected it, (grass)"
    • And thus we have a grass grow because grass = laughing out loud.
    • While this works in Japanese language, putting a "LOL" doesn't work very well to the visual pun, although it is the correct translation. After searching for idioms, I found the sentence "kicked <something> to the long grass" means to cancel a thing completely, and also fulfill the visual pun.

Contact and Credits

If you need help regarding the sub, or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact my discord on Perseonn#7731. Giant thanks to Aida Enna for quality assurance!