Education Program Evaluation Part 1
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The Education Program Evaluation (EPE) seems to revolve around creating a plan to evaluate a certain Education Program, such as Trainings from the Ministry of Education.

Instructional Goals

By finishing this course, students will be able to:

  • Elaborate the theory of EPE
  • Create a EPE proposal
  • Perform the entire process of EPE
  • Write an EPE report
  • Interpret and communicate findings from the said report
  • Perform a meta evaluation (?)

Introduction to EPE

EPE is:

  • An entire proess of data-gathering for evaluating an education program
  • Results in a report of whether the program should be revised, continued as-is, or terminated
  • This result is described and elaborated to a decision maker
  • Whether the decision maker would apply or reject the findings is not the authority of the evaluation performer
Difference between Evaluation and Research:
Aspect Evaluation Research
Problem Depends on client Depends on the interest of the researcher
Motive Problem-solving Knowledge expansion
Objective Decision-making Obtain a conclusion
Description Elaborate a certain activity Expand a theory
Elaboration Elaborate a condition Elaborate why
Autonomy Limited Free
Object The benefit of a policy Test a knowledge expansion
Generalization Cannot be generalized Can be generalized
Investigation technique Using a research methodology
Discipline Interdisciplinary Involves one or more discipline
Evaluation criteria Utility, feasibility, propriety, accuracy Internal and external validity
Evaluation User A certain group Anyone
Time Limited Lenient
Performer Team Individual