Ther Melian RPG Progress (Chapter 6 and 7)
Chapter 6 and 7 was supposed to be delivered on August 7, but my declining health make it not possible to make the date. Fortunately, everything is still on track. I have concern that the next chapter would possibly not on time anymore due to my "glorious" 7-class-teaching-schedule (not counting theses counsellings).


Ther Melian RPG Progress (Chapter 5)
Chapter 5 features a double dungeon, the forest north of Falthemnar, and the dark forest further north. At this point, all characters have been realized, although they are not yet tweaked. There are a few name changes for this version.


Ther Melian RPG Progress (Chapter 4)
Chapter 4 is a lot more demanding than Chapter 3, due to it having 2 dungeons and 1 big town. Due to the size of the town, it is only about 40% completed, focusing more on story events.


Ther Melian RPG Progress (Chapter 3)
Chapter 3 is one of the shortest chapter, only consisting of 1 town. Despite that, this chapter took considerable amount of time to create due to the town layout, mechanics, and NPCs.


Ther Melian RPG Progress (Chapter 2)
The VXAce development was halted on 'Solar Room' event; thus there will be no mention of VXAce version at all. Chapter 2 consists of a single dungeon, the 'Sea Cave'. Since the script mentioned a beach, I changed the beach to its own dungeon, prolonging the gameplay of Chapter 2. I changed the beach name to 'Atoll of Sorrows' and the 'Sea Cave' to 'Grotto of Storms'.


Ther Melian RPG Progress (Prologue to Chapter 1)
A couple of years ago, I was asked to join a collaboration to create a prequel game to a best-selling fantasy novel called Ther Melian (still local, as of this article). There was only three of us: Bunny, the franchise owner and script writer; Panda, a seasoned game developer, and myself, an RPG Maker hobbyist. We agreed to use RPG Maker VXAce, but things went south.


Web UX Problem: Wikia and Pinterest
Today's extensive use of CSS can alter the user experience when they are visiting a website… well for better or for worse. In this article I will take two websites that I frequently visit and have a bad overall experience: Wikia and Pinterest.


Base Counting Trick
The final term exam problem I created have raised questions among my students, especially the base counting problem. For their note, the whole exam was a trick in itself. Carry on reading.


Game Review: 3D Custom Shoujo
3D Custom Shoujo (abbreviated TDCG) is an eroge that features cell-shaded grapics, enabling you to make moe-esque characters. It is nowhere as detailed as Jinkou Shoujo 3, but it has its own quirk. This game is fully on Japanese, so you need a PC with enabled Japanese locale to be able to play it correctly.


Martin and His WordStar 4.0
I was told by my fiend that apparently George R. R. Martin, the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, did his work on an outdated machine, using WordStar 4.0. Feeling that it is highly implausible, I searched the internet and found several articles confirming it. Although people may refer this feat as wonderful, I call this feat a complete nonsense.


Weird Game: Rose and Camellia
You ever think about action-packed visual novel? If that thought ever cross your mind once, here's a game you might want to check out. It's called Rose and Camellia, a flash-based visual novel available from


Game Review: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, also known as Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne Maniacs in Japan, is a dungeon crawling, post-apocalyptic, fantasy kitchen sink JRPG. Developed by ATLUS for Playstation 2 on 2004, this game is the direct sequel of the Shin Megami Tensei II that only appears on NES.


Game Review: Recettear
Recettear - An Item Shop's Tale is a combination of simulation and action RPG. You remember those RPGS where you take role of the hero, trying to save the world in a way or another? Not this time. In Recettear, you play as Recette, an Item Shop owner who sells item to heroes.


Zombie Apocalypse Antitheses
Bob tidak tahu apa yang terjadi dalam malam kemarin. Saat ia bangun tidur, rumahnya sudah berantakan. Perumahan tempat ia tinggal juga berantakan. Tak ada sesosok bayanganpun yang terlihat. Bob mulai khawatir akan teman dekatnya, Alice, yang tinggal beberapa blok dari rumahnya.


Developer's Sin
I want to discuss on how today's devs's sin for making awful games. Of course we all have the share of sin because we buy it, but hey, we buy it because we have the console, and we want something to be played on the console.